Introducing MyYogaWorks


Online yoga classes and yoga videos by Yogaworks. Streaming yoga classes of varying levels and lengths of time available 24/7. View yoga videos on your mobile device or computer and see how MyYogaWorks online yoga classes can fit into your life anytime, anywhere.

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What People Are Saying…

  • "Patti's online prenatal yoga classes have changed my life"

    -happy MyYogaWorks student

  • "I've taken so many of Patti's prenatal yoga videos and I strongly recommend anyone else who's pregnant to try out Strong Prenatal challenge"

    -A satisfied student

  • OMG Patti's 3rd trimester prenatal yoga video is amazing. I recommend for anyone who's pregnant!


  • I am totally addicted to yoga classes online. Thank you MyYogaWorks for the great instruction and online yoga videos. 


  • I’ve been doing online yoga classes for the past couple weeks. I love MyYogaWorks. I’m an editor and have crazy hours, so I don’t have time to go to class. There are so many videos! – Spencer

  • I’ve been slightly nervous about going to yoga class, but now that I can do yoga classes online for beginners, I now feel confident enough to get into the studio.


  • This is a game changer!

    I have been doing rise and shine for the past 2 months (I am now 27 weeks). Its energizing and it really helps bring breath and awareness to some sticky spots like my hips and wrists. Its the best 16 minutes of my day.

  • "I love MyYogaWorks online yoga classes because there are no excuses anymore…if I only have 30 minutes, I can still squeeze in a really tough sequence before work.  I highly recommend it!"

  • I love myyogaworks! Ever since I had my son it's been hard for me to get to the studio.  Now I can catch Jesse's class (my favorite) while he's napping.  I finally have my practice back thanks to myyogaworks!!!!

  • "I have to travel monthly for business and I hated missing my yoga.  Last week I did a myyogaworks class right in my hotel room before a big client meeting.  I really think Melanie's class helped me win this job, I went in feeling so clear, relaxed and confident.  Thank you myyogaworks!"  Jennifer King, Santa Monica

  • "On the days that I work, I used to just skip doing yoga or going to the gym because I didn't have time.  With myyogaworks I can do 20 minutes of yoga if that's all the time I have.  Who knew 20 minutes of yoga could make you feel so great?"  -Jim Anderson Orange County California

  • "I love taking YogaWorks classes when I go visit my sister in Los Angeles.  I am so excited that with myyogaworks I can take my favorite YogaWorks teachers here in Boston!" -Sarah Kleinman Boston, MA

  • I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!! Thank you so much.  I miss my YogaWorks training and have three classes on my ipad that I love for myself and for teaching inspiration- but am always wishing for more.  Now to have this...FANTASTIC.  Thank you!  Stefany Reed YogaWorks Teacher Training Graduate

  • I am totally hooked on MyYogaWorks! As a teacher it's challenging to get into public classes
    and I don't always have the inspiration to do a home practice. Now with MyYogaWorks I can practice the YogaWorks method anytime of day or night and choose the class based upon how much time I have and my energy level. All of the teachers are awesome and offer something different. -Joanna Saxby, San Francisco

  • This class made me feel like a million dollars!  I laughed out loud in my empty hotel room.  Love it! We miss you Alex!-Sarah G
  • MyYogaworks is an exceptional opportunity for those of us without a Yogaworks anywhere near our homes.

    Aloha, Vince A