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Day 1
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Day 1
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Day 5 (Repeat)
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Day 1
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Day 2
Day 3 (Repeat)
Day 3
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Morning Burst
Monica V. - -
I love this class! I can fit it into my morning routine before start working. It's challenging and it does have all the elements of a practice. Really enjoying it!
28 days challenge
Yuko O. - -
Pls make 30 days challenge with 30-90 min classes. thank you !!!
Sheena H. - -
Agreed, plus one here!
Evgeniya R. - -
Alexandria G. - -
So far so good! The quickie flow is a great class to do when you have no time and two little kids. I can’t wait to continue this 28 day challenge! Thanks Alexandria for the flow!
What does "Repeat" mean?
Laura L. - - (edited)
E.g. on Week 1, "Day 5 (Repeat)" - should I do the class twice on the same day, at different times? Twice in a row? Do I include the wind-down bits like shavasana on the first pass?
Skye N. - -
No, I believe it's just saying that the class is a repeat :) For example, you'll do Quickie Flow 3 times during week 1, so it's a "repeat" class.
Shanon R. - -
actually repeat means do the class twice, a break is optional!
Susan S. - -
In for the long count and enjoyed the first day. Loved the instructor
completed the journey
Jennifer R. - -
I have concluded the 28 day journey without a day missed. interestingly, without my planning it, my last day is my birthday today, which was nice. The journey was great for returning me to a more consistent practice while still maintaining my usual workout routines of swimming , biking etc. and a good complement to those activities. Thank you, Alexandria, for the pacing, clear direction, sense of humor, and enough challenge too!
Annette R. - -
Love this class. Great if you are short on time but dont want to sacrifice your workout. 17 minutes of challenging your body. I am adding this one to my favorites!!
Here We Go!
Jess L. - - (edited)
Starting off this 28 day challenge with a flow that I can flow. Warm up a bit before you start this clip. I like to work with my wrist as well as my shoulders & hips. It helps me maintain more easily throughout the video!
Week 1 - I Did It
Brionna S. - -
This was something I could commit to. It was achievable and each session was worthwhile. Excellent cues for timing and form, great demonstrations, and still a quality workout in a compact amount of time. Thank you!
challenging Level 2.5, requires serious core strength
Julia C. - -
After completing a relatively easy 30 min practice, I wanted something short and fast-paced to warm me up a little and feel like I did some work on the mat today. Lesson learned: Be careful what you wish for :-) Alex packs a lot in 15-ish minutes. You move quickly throughout the class, except for a plank series that seemed to me to go on for a loooong time in which you alternate lifting feet off the floor, bringing your knee to your nose, then twisting to the side. My shoulders and core felt overloaded -- more than enough for me to break a sweat in 10 minutes! Class includes a few sun salutations, high crescent, several chair poses, and a modified reclining pigeon at the end. Given all the plank work I wish class would have included some shoulder/neck stretches.
Week 3 Day 4
Mei H. - -
Keep going.. namaste🙏🏼
Thank you
Tracy C. - -
This is a great, quick , challenging 15 min. Perfect in a busy life and loved being able to see my own progress in just a week!
Ana A. - -
15 challenging minutes! Excellent pace. thank you!
Great practice when things get busy!!!
Rachel H. - -
Loved this quick, effective sequence-a savior when like gets hectic. Thank you! Namaste
Quick but effective
Carisa H. - -
Enjoyed this very much!! Thank you. Namaste 💛
Amy J
Amy J. - -
Great pre-holiday quick flow!
Day 5
Amber H. - -
Had to take a break due to being off grid but practiced on my own.
Day 3
Amber H. - -
Three days in a row, glad I'm sticking to it so far. Today was better than day 1 as I didn't take as many pauses. Little steps to big goals!
short, sweet, challenging
Kera Z. - -
This workout may be short but Alexandria does a terrific job incorporating challenging movements into the sequence. Expect quick instruction, quick transitions between warm-up pose and the final destination, and twists. Perfect for anyone looking to get a real work-out in, combined with a sweet hip-opening stretch at the end.
Day 1
Amber H. - -
Have not practiced in a while, today was short and vigorous enough for me to have to take a few brief pauses between moves. Looking forward to getting back to not needing the pauses by the end of 28 days.
Dawnelle J. - -
Just what I needed to make a commitment.. I am 64 with 3 joint replacements and managed the class.
Day 1 Thoughts
Alexa W. - -
Just getting back into the yoga flow after 6 months of constant procrastinating. Good flow not too difficult for my out of practice muscles but also not so easy as to be boring. Perfect length to fit in to my morning routine before breakfast and a cup of tea.
anna d. - -
Perfect for me as a beginner needing to develop a regular routine.
Erica V. - -
It felt great doing today's video!
JoAnn A. - -
The class was perfect on a day where time did not allow for a longer cla! Thank you!
Mavis C. - -
Exactly what I needed after work!
Day 1 of 28
Tracey S. - -
That was awesome. It's nice to get the benefits from just 15 minutes....sometimes I feel like I need to go to 90 minute classes and I don't always have time. Looking forward to day two!
Heloisa A. - -
My arms are sore today. Loved it!
Anne O. - -
Loved it. Short on time and got a great practice in. Thank you!
Love the time!
Rachel F. - -
Great flow- felt the burn, felt the sweat, felt the accomplishment after 15 minutes. I love being able to use Yoga in my daily life and it not consume my day!
Perfect flow, perfect amount of time!
chris f. - -
1st day! Excellent prompting! Great workout for 15 mins!
Trish G. - -
Wonderful--thank you!
Great Flow, Bad quality
Chastity L. - -
I enjoyed the flow, but too bad the video kept pausing.
Here we go!
Natalia S. - -
Day 1 was fantastic. I'd seen my husband sweat through it while I was having breakfast a few times in the past ... well, now I get it :D. Day 2 here I come!
1st Day!
Rachel P. - -
Well Hoowwwdddyyy.... that was one heck of a work out. Feelin' pretty good right now. Day 1 down. 27 to go.
day 1
Melissa S. - -
Excited to begin this challenge...day 1 was fantastic....I love the pace and that it is a short period of time so I can feel successful in getting on my mat. looking forward to tomorrow!
Day 1
Leah R. - -
Love the quickness of this flow!!! I did stretch a little before starting, which helped!!!
Day 1
Cynthia B. - -
That was a lot of work in 15 minutes! Felt great! Looking forward to this challenge.
Lenka S. - -
excited to start the challenge...day one was quick but challenging. Looking forward to day 2
day 1
Jessica W. - -
This is a really great flow that allows you clear your mind and work up a sweat. I look forward to day 2!
day 1
Jessica R. - -
W-O-W!! that was a challenge, but it felt great. I truly wasn't expecting the session to movie so fast, but because it was quick I felt like I accomplished something and it wasn't a waste of time.
Day 1 of 28
Alexis A. - -
I love the feeling of getting in a good practice, even if only for 15 minutes. This is the push I need to make sure I'm getting in my daily practice! On the down side - and this may be because it's my first video with myyogaworks, but I felt all the talking from the instructor to be a little distracting. That also may be due to the quick flow in only fifteen minutes. Can't wait to see what Day 2 brings!
Day 1
Wiseley H. - -
I'm a new member today .. I have been doing calisthenics for 8 months but now i have decided to practice yoga (just yoga) start from today because i want to know what i will find in yoga. I really feel curious about the peaceful feeling that people say about yoga. Today after finishing this quickie flow class, and this class is great. I was sweating (unexpected) but i felt the fun and different feeling after doing other exercises.
Quick flow
Darlene D. - -
Thanks for this! Did it this morning and loved it!
Sarah K. - -
Thanks, loved it nice little burn!
Brooke H. - -
good quick flow class - great way to start the 28 day challenge without feeling overwhelmed
Keelia F. - -
Thank you! I needed a quick practice and did not want to beat myself up for not making it to the studio. Namaste.
Day 1
Leticia R. - -
Jennifer H. - -
I am loving this challenge. Thank you
Day 1
naomi k. - -
I am so excited to take on this challenge. Just what I needed to finish my 30 year of teaching. Thanks Alexandria.