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Day 1
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Dena K. - -
Great way to start this pose!
very helpful
Eleonora G. - -
thank you! very helpful the different stages, something to work on for everyone!
Not so scary
Anne P. - -
I see advanced yogi's doing this pose all the time and always think there's no way I have the arm strength or balance for it, but after watching this video it is not nearly as scary or intimidating as I thought it was. Thank you for pushing my boundaries
Air time!
Aysegul E. - -
I was able to get some air time following these instructions. Yey! Melanie's instructions are clear, easy to follow and you get results.
Great instructional video
Candy D. - -
I found Melanie's instructions to be calming and easy to follow. I have a bank injury that made my scoliosis really bad which lead to issues in my hips and legs. I didm't realize how tight my body was working out 5x a week and I "stretched". I'm here to heal, I felt the stretch and weakness in my back and core at the same time. Thanks for this video. I was able to hold the pose for 2 seconds on my own after the second round.
New Year's Intention
Emma S. - -
I have three intentions for 2015: writing a Book, find a Boyfriend, and master Bakasa. This was a good first day practice - and I have 364 more days to go.... Happy 2015!
Harder than it looks! But fun!
Aaron M. - -
It looked easy, but I'm going back to do this again twice before moving on. The instructions and encouragement were excellent, and this is a deceptively difficult (for me) exercise. Time to do it again!
Clear and specific
Gina H. - -
Thanks for this instruction. Ill be re-watching this until I get it down!!
Clear Instructions!!
Shannon B. - -
Love Melanie.