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Annette R. - -
Love this class.Hips definite f.eel more open. For those who sometimes need a break from chatturangas due to wrist pain this is a great class.
Hips, hips, more hips
Lisa S. - -
All of my favorite hip openers packed into 30 minutes. I would suggest a quick warm-up first (e.g. a few cat/cows or down dogs). I'm coming back to this class for sure.
Fun hip opening
Riza M. - -
She has a light and funny teaching style :) karate chop! :D but her alignment points are on point. Nice sequence
Best 30 Minute Hip Opener!
Sandra S. - -
Best 30 minute hip opener sequence ever! I really enjoy Jesse's upbeat personality in her classes and getting right to it. This class starts my day off perfectly feeling good inside my body.
Laurie J. - -
disappointed that 2 of the videos for hips are unavailable
true to its name
Crystal D. - -
Hips feel great! I paused between poses to allow myself more time in each posture. It helps having two different people demonstrating different variations of each pose.
Sarah F. - -
This was a good 30 minute class. Just know that there really is no warm-up, she dives right into the workout! This practice definitely points out my weak/tight spots, however, on of the women does an easier version that was good to follow!
The BEST!!!
Jessica R. - -
I've done quite a few hip openers, but by far this one is the best. I love Jesse's instructions and just the over practice. I could feel myself relaxing and my hips opening. Thank you Jesse
Katherine T. - -
Enjoyable and well-paced hip opening sequence. Great way to start the day!
Wow my hips
Rafika R. - -
Nice hip opening class. Im looking forward to tryong the other classes in the flying pigeon series.
Standing Hip Openers
Meaghan Q. - -
Started with externally rotated standing poses, no vinyasa. Second half included pigeon, figure 4 etc. Nice half hour to strengthen and stretch hips!