Journey Series

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Day 1
Learn to correctly practice puppy dog, a modification for downward facing dog.
Day 2
Breakdown and learn to practice down dog. After that, be sure to check out another beginner online yoga class by Melanie.
Day 3
Learn to practice a simple yoga sequence including plank pose and downward dog.
Day 4
Learn how to do a full vinyasa including: downward facing dog, updog, plank, and chaturanga. Recommended props: 1 strap
Day 5
In this tutorial you will break down the yoga pose chaturanga dandasana. Recommended props: 2 blocks
Day 6
A yoga sequence that opens your shoulders, upper back and neck. Recommended props: 1 strap
Day 7
Learn the actions you need to get into handstand in this brief yoga tutorial. Explore our entire journey to handstand and pincha.
Day 8
In this sequence you will practice shoulder openers leading to forearm stand. Explore our entire journey to handstand and pincha. Recommended props: stool or chair, 1 block, 1 strap

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Breana Sepulveda - -
Wow, I am nimble!!
Excellent Instructions
SongLinh Lu - -
Foundation poses are so important for the practice, and I am grateful to learn more in details the proper ways to do this downward facing pose. Excellent explanations and very clear instructions. Thank you.
Prativa Knox - -
Thank you so much for the excellent instructions and demonstrations for various poses.
Massie MCKELVY - -
Awesome explanation, thank you!!!
This is helpful
Alia Horwick - -
I've tried several yoga classes over the years and with DFD, I've had instructors come over and move my body into position but never actually TELL ME where things should be. This makes so much sense now and clarifies things. Thank you
Thank you!
Sha Whit - -
After decades of (intermittent) yoga practice, I love learning things from these "beginner" tutorials. Thank you!
Jobby Crowther - -
Super lagit I'm fit I lost 16 pounds
Esteban Perrz - -
modifications for bigger women
Laura Gallardo - -
I have trouble going into child's pose . My stomach gets in the way. Any suggestions on the best way to modify?
I thought I was strong
Janet Jenkins - -
This is my first time doing downward dog with good form, and my arms got tired! I'm surprised!
Question About Head Position
M Lewis - -
When in DFD should the head be held up or let go? I think mine is going too much into a bad posture neck (curved inward.) Thanks.
New Tips
M Lewis - -
In the many many yoga classes I've taken I've never heard about rotating the upper outer arms in or pulling the upper thighs tight. Thanks!
Megan McCarver - -
Thank you.
***MUST SEE***
Amber Antonio - -
This is the imperative video for the foundation! Very informative!
Aaron Miaullis - -
OK, I think I'm getting it now. The very slow, step by step, very descriptive narrative helped out a lot. Once I was in Downward Dog I couldn't watch the screen a lot, but the verbal description helped keep me focused on the changes needed. Well done!
Great tutorials for beginners
Katharine Urwin - -
I learned from Melanies tutorials, then had a one to one yoga session at home and asked the teacher if I was doing downward dog correctly. She said it was perfect - Melanie has taught me well!