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Leila K. - -
Making it a point to do this at least once a week. Can feel the difference in my legs and lower back.
I'm a trainer
Jill T. - -
I felt the difference. I will use with my clients.
amanda l. - -
I'm an at home Yoga practicer and just turned 41. I was looking for something to help me become more limber and combat the tightening of my legs muscles as I age. This was perfect!! Looking forward to the remainder of the series! Blessings. <3
Perfect timing!
Shauntel G. - -
As a beginning ballet dancer, who has ran short distances all my life I never realized how tight my hamstrings are. I don't think I have ever felt the belly of my hamstrins, what a wonderful feeling, aaaahhhh! After this practice I can feel muscles activated that I have been working hard to find. Thank you for this practice my body is rejoicing. Namaste
Danielle L. - -
Loved it! Perfect for the times my hams and low back are sore and aching. Wish there was a bit more of a warm up. I felt cold for starting stretches that were pretty intense.
Apple L. - -
Agreed. I realize my hamstrings are much more responsive when I've gone on a quick run or brisk walk to warm up prior to starting the series.