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This series of poses will prepare you to come up into headstand, which requires upper body strength and flexibility. Recommended props: 1 strap
Learn to safely come up into headstand. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket
Get into headstand and look at the world from a new perspective - upside down! Recommended props: 1 blanket
This intermediate yoga sequence will warm up and bring intelligence to all of the body parts you need to practice a safe and effective headstand
Focus on the crown of the head to connect to the seventh chakra, which is represented by the color violet or white and linked to our enlightenment and spiritual development. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 bolster

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josann farrell - -
I just completed the Upper Body Strength Series, and I'm working my way towards Hand Stands. I think I have a fear of falling over :o But I'm ready to face that fear. I enjoyed the instruction in this sequence and will be practicing this for the entire week before moving onto 'Meet headstand'! Because I really need to! Thank you Mel, great work!
Jessica Raymer - -
This is a very nice practice to test your upper back and shoulders. I actually had more openness and strength then I knew about. I'm going to give the actually headstand a try... Thank you Melanie, I really enjoy your calming voice and great instructions.
Focus on safety and integrity of the foundation
Margarita Johnson - -
Melanie, I have taken many of your classes and sometimes just watch your tutorials because I love how you cue the poses and teach us where to place every body part. Your focus on alignment and safety in this preparatory sequence is so spot on and I will definitely use these same exercises for headstand preparation in class tomorrow.