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I'm 7 weeks post partum and this was my first exercise back. It was too slow! Just a bunch of up/down dogs and sun salutations. I'd rename the title to convey how low-stakes this is.
Mom and Toddler Class?
Catherine B. - -
Loved taking your baby and me yoga classes live when I lived near a studio- we’ve moved so I have the online membership... would LOVE if you added some baby and me classes! They were so fun and loved introducing my little one to the benefits of yoga! Carol at DuPont Circle in DC taught a great class!
Great quick flow
Katie C. - -
Great quick flow for when baby is only giving you a few minutes. I'm a fan of Melanie's and his did not disappoint.
Tina C. - -
Loved this quick energizing flow- perfect while baby is napping!
Pregnancy yoga!
Lynda G. - -
It would be so amazing if you could include or suggest poses safe during pregnancy.
baby and me yoga
Belen S. - -
Hi, I would love if you could include series with your babies and toddlers.
Amy N. - -
This class was made for me! My 9 month old's naps seem to be getting shorter, but this allowed me to have some "me" time! Thanks!
Lydia L. - -
Thank you Melanie. My toddler doesnt give me much time for yoga - and naps are so precious to start other chores.. this short sequence built heat and made me feel stronger this cold and busy morning.