New Year's Yoga Reboot

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Day 1
A squat is the most natural position your body can sit in, but modern day furniture has made it difficult for many bodies. Get your body prepared to sit in a squat, or malasana, with this short tutorial. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket
Day 2
Yoga doesn’t have to be about the fancy poses! Practice some of the most important and functional poses in this short class. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket
Day 3
Twist and sweat the toxins out with this quick detoxifying flow.
Day 4
Start with the basics to build your yoga practice. And remember, just because it's level 1 doesn't mean it's easy! Recommended props: 2 blocks
Day 5
Create a vinyasa flow practice with this class that mindfully breaks down the movement you need to know to know to be safe and have fun. Recommended props: 2 blocks
Day 1
Stretch out your hip flexors, which are an area of the body that get very tight if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or in a car. Recommended props: 1 blanket
Day 2
Strengthen your upper body with this solid, strong and quick practice.
Day 3
Detoxify your body and work up a sweat with this twisting sequence. If you don’t have a block, you can use a thick book or cushion. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket
Day 4
Get energized with this rigorous, well-rounded flow that will help bring you back to life.
Day 5
This tough well-rounded flow fits everything you need into one hour. Recommended props: 1 block
Day 1
Move between all variations of plank pose for about 8 minutes straight! We guarantee you'll be sore the next day. Can you master the plank challenge??
Day 2
Strengthen your cardiovascular system with this fast moving class that builds tons of heat.
Day 3
Strengthen your back to help counter the effects of sitting all day at a desk, in a car or on your couch.
Day 4
Practice bakasana every which way in the context of a well-rounded flow class.
Day 5
Practice Vytas' signature 90 minute class condensed into 60 minutes. Recommended props: 1 block

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nice stretching sequence
Bridget Truxillo - -
doing these stretches and sequences regularly has greatly improved flexibility and mobility
Rachel Jones - -
Always amazed at how Vytas' videos do exactly what they say they are going to do! My hip flexes and low back have been so tight and painful for several days. Already feeling relief in both areas! Thank you :-)
Amazing lower body stretch!
Stephanie T Sprague - -
I did not know how important it was to keep your hips flexors loose until I dealt with knee and ankle injuries. This video is clearly going to help me stay injury free and feeling great for a long time. Thank you Vytas.
Laura Scatena - -
Even though I've been a group fitness instructor for the past four years, my full-time job is a desk job... :( I didn't realize how much flexibility I've lost. Thank you for this segment! Namaste...
Great stretches but...
Cheryl Hilton - -
Beware the knees! I was able to experience some deep stretching, especially with the excellent instruction from Vytas, but I had to do some modifications to take pressure off my knees, which are less than 100%.
Love this
Lori Hawkins - -
Good tips for quads and hip flexors. Much needed--I need to do these often!
Clear explanations and great short session
Lauren Thomas - -
This was my first video by Vytas and I was pleasantly surprised about how clear his explanations are for each pose are. He makes is easy to learn and follow along at home. I also found that his transitions between poses were fluid and made more sense more than other videos I've seen. looking forward to making it through all of the other videos he has posted. Thank you!
Good stretch
Jessica Raymer - -
I got little bit of heat doing some of these stretches. I noticed that I m more tight in my left thigh so I wasn't able to grab my foot to pull it towards my butt. But my right thigh could easily reach my butt no problem... Some of these stretches I had not thought of so it was nice doing them. Thank you Vytas =D
Intense hip flexors/quad stretches
Candace Aponte - -
This class will get you sweating quick! Starting with heat building lunges that will wake you up quick style! Great class to squeeze into your busy day. Stretches will help open up tight quads and hip flexors. Teacher gives basic and advanced level stretches.
sarah taubitz - -
I have been suffering from low back pain, and try to stretch hip flexors, but it is so hard to find those you can do yourself. I have been doing the lunge while holding the back foot for years now, but your simple cue about holding IN the knee rather than out has been a REVELATION! I already feel more open in my lower back, which has been plaguing me for years. Thank you so very much for your awesome explanations!
Great stretch for after a run!
Laura Watson - -
I ran yesterday and I felt tight in my legs today, this class has really helped! I feel a lot more open :) thank you!