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Sitting at a computer all day can leave you with burning eyes, an achy upper back and sore wrists. Take a moment to alleviate those computer blues with this office yoga sequence.
Cultivate core strength without leaving your desk in this brief yoga video for the office. Check out the entire Yoga for the Office Video Journey Series.
These office yoga poses will pick you up and give you a new burst of energy when a nap isn't an option, and you're trying not to go back for another latte. Try another office yoga video in our journey series.
This short sequence will help alleviate the lower back pain associated with sitting at your desk for too long. Check out the rest of our Office Yoga Journey Series.
Take a moment to focus on your breath and the deliberate release of tension and stress. Check out another Yoga for the Office Video as part of our Office Yoga Journey Series.
Take a few minutes to stretch your hips, unwind and do a little something to reverse sitting in a chair all day.
Feel the benefits of more energy and better concentration with this sequence of twists, shoulders and leg stretches that you can do in your office. Recommended props: 1 strap, 1 chair
Take a 5 minute work break to stretch your back and move your body.
Take a short work break to stretch your hamstrings and move your body.

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Vicki Barana - -
Testing it out at home...can't wait to try at work!
Great start to the morning
Grace Chan - -
This is a great way to kick start my morning sitting at the desk. I feel calmer and able to organize my thoughts, thus I can focus on the things I really need to get done today.
More, more, more!
Dorci Nance - -
I spend the majority of my day at the desk, and by the time I get to my weekly yoga class, I am so stiff and have to spend half the class getting my muscles to release. These videos are great to do throughout the day, and prepare my body for more vigorous practice later. I also sit straighter afterwards! I hope more will be added!
love it
Myra Delgado - -
great break to take at work and feel refreshed
Just What I Needed
Bradley Mack - -
This was perfect for me today!
It Works!
Aaron Ditsararat - -
So glad this video is here. This is exactly what Ive been looking for and needed to keep my working well. Im a college student and do a lot of photo editing for work (as a photographer) and this really helps with my breaks.
Fantastic Break!
Catherine Hodge - -
Thanks for the reprieve - I needed exactly that to keep on with my busy day. All things I can do without feeling too silly or conspicuous in front of my colleagues.