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Swati K. - -
Any programs to fix DR ?
Diastatis Recti
Sirin C. - -
Can we get a lesson for diastatis recti in this journey?
Nicole B. - -
Love this series! It's making my morning routine even more joyful, with baby rolling around under me as I practice yoga. Doctor said I have Diastasis recti from pregnancy - the space between left and right belly muscles has widened. Lets just say that old flat belly may never return. Would love to know what's good AND safe for this?
pelvic floor/diastis recti
Shana L. - -
It would be great to have a postnatal video for abs that is level 2 and 30 min long, that targets the pelvic floor and diastis-recti. Please, please, please!
Need that
Alison R. - -
Great stretch for a sore nursing back. Must remember to get a bolster from somewhere. Also if would be great if you can say whether some poses are safe for women healing from abdominal separation. Don't think cat/cow is.
Courtney F. - -
Mommy and Me sequences would be a welcome addition. My daughter is 14 weeks and I think she would enjoy joining my practice. Plus, it would be a great way to extend a session when she wakes up early from a nap!
Great first step back!
Pamela S. - -
I did Pattis prenatal sequences and started the Post Natal restore sequence 4 weeks pp after a c-section. Felt great. Im now adding on the PostNatal Stretch at 6 weeks pp. Thanks, Patti, for these gentle, but super effective poses to bring some energy back into the body. MUCH APPRECIATED.
Amazingly generous
Michelle S. - -
Today, I received a surprise at my front blocks! with a note that you saw my comment and thought the blocks might help me get more use out of MyYogaWorks. Wow. Thank you so much!! I am so excited to put these babies to good use. I almost cried at your generosity (now, remember, I am 11 wks post natal so my hormones are still fluctuating and Im still a little emotional) ;) But, thank you so much. that was an awesome surprise.
Relaxing but missing...
Michelle S. - -
These poses are very restorative, however the last pose requires the use of blocks and more, which is not helpful to those of us who do not have these items. Pillows did not have the same effect. Pelvic Floor poses would have been a welcome addition.