Power Yoga

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Learn how to do the basic poses with correct alignment and a strong foundation to prepare yourself for the power yoga series.
Start on the power yoga series with this class focused on poses that give you strength and stability.
Push yourself and strengthen your body in this class that focuses on basic poses as part of the power yoga series.
Step it up, as the power yoga series continues with the same focus on basic poses, but for forty-five minutes! Recommended props: 1 block
Continue your journey through the basic poses that build strength in this sixty minute class.
The final chapter in the power yoga series will challenge your mind and body in a full ninety minute class! Recommended props:

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Just Perfect
Joshna Panday - - (edited)
I am no yogi and only just signed up to the website. I have been skimming through videos for which to try out, as I have no experience with yoga. This is the perfect video! I also love the fact that one of the Anna's appear new to yoga too (something which I can relate to). Its so rare to find a video where the teacher understands that you are not new and somewhat speaks to your non-experience. Thank you.... I am looking forward to following your videos.
Felt Great.
Nok Thonglim - -
Absolutely agreed that solid foundation is a powerful challenging, I personally enjoy basic and simple than fancy asana one, to make it right and hold for long is real deal. This myyogaworks.com recommended by good friend of mine ...so Vytas is the first teacher I have tried from this page and I love it.
Gina Sta. Maria - - (edited)
It still amazes me with all of this technology that closed captioning is not an automatic or enabled feature. Please consider having this for your Deaf yogis, or even for those whose first language may not be English; it would be such a big help!
Enjoy his classes.
Cassie Carnahan - - (edited)
This guy is great! Solid classes, and he cracks me up when he calls out his students for giving up on poses. haha
Excellent cueing
Inga Thornell - -
Excellent class. It has been so many years since I have done power yoga that I thought a refresher would be a good idea. This was an excellent class, the instruction was so good that I hardly needed to look at the laptop. It kept me so focused that I was surprised when the time was up.
Yoga awesomeness
Peter Shaw - -
Thank you all.
Worth repeating
Laura Cudd - -
As a current 200hr YW teaching student (and even before), I like ‘trying on’ other studio’s and teachers style, videos are often really nice for this (especially if the extra 40 minutes travel time doesn’t really work for me that day). Usually I am disappointed in videos. Not so. Great intensity and instruction kept me focused with just the right amount of muscle quiver (which induced a few unfeminine words, but that may be the hallmark of a hard class). I will definitely do again for tips for teaching, and because it was great power workout leading to a very nice savasana
Helen Gaynor - -
fab class, super clear instruction and alignment advice
great foundation
Jody Pinilla - -
Very instructive for basic yet subtle alignment for beginners as well as reminders for those more experienced . Wonderful job setting realistic guidelines for anyone new to yoga and/or needing modifications. A great foundation for body and mind!