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Strengthen those arms in this quick class that lets you have fun with your canine friend.
Get inspired with your doggy in this fun variation on Surya A.
Share the mat with your pup in this class focused on utkatasana.
Get grounded and balanced with the help of your dog friend in this class aimed at opening up your body.
Root and center your practice with your dog in this short class.
Have fun with your pup in this short class focused on backbends.
Find your center with your pup in this class focused on seated poses.

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love it!
Margot Bo - -
the moral of the story dogs are great! I am a intermediate yogi and my path is with dogs. When I was in India studying yoga everywhere I went I had dogs on my mat. They bring joy and happiness to my yoga. Thank you for promoting, Namaste!
Jennifer Anderson - -
My dogs loved it! She was so happy I let her on mat! ❤️
Not for my dog...
Alex Garcia - -
Got my dog on the mat..she was really excited... so excited that she started sliding her butt across the mat and then turning in circles. I had to get a different mat.
Sarah Ripley - -
Ha! I'm not going to try doing this with my 120 pound American Bulldog. He functions better as a block.