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A Good Warm-up for the Day Ahead
Peter M. - -
I enjoy this 10-minute session as a warm up to my light weight lifting in the morning.
Sony D. - -
I’m still trying to ease back into working out as I’d previously injured my back. This was perfect as it was simple, easy to follow, and only 10 minutes (all the time I have!). Hope there are more short workouts like this on here.
lovely and short
Elizabeth G. - -
lovely short sequence with lots of alignment!
A. A. - -
I love Melanie's 10 minute yoga practice - it always feels well-rounded even though it's only 10 minutes long. I use this as my "cool down" after doing a cardio work out every time and it always works!
Jamie M. - -
I love the convenience and the variety of classes offered. The site offers so much more than one can find in a single studio.
Perfect for any day
Lynn C. - -
This is my go to practice when I'm traveling and feeling stiff. Thank you!
Patricia A. - -
A perfect for when you only have 10 minutes.
Will do again!
Samantha S. - -
Easy to follow instructions. A nice, quick morning session!
Quick but effective
Amber H. - -
Great short video to get some practice in on a busy day.
Jennifer J. - -
I love this ten minutes, my only trouble is I can't seem to remember it without playing the video, and it is very difficult to watch and practice at the same time. I'm still very new though and I don't yet know all the phrases and posses very well.
Loved it!
Ana A. - -
Great for early morning when body is still waking up and you're pressed for time. Loved it!
NJ T. - -
Hit all the right spots! Relaxing voice concise and pithy instruction. Great investment for 10 minutes. Thank you
friday j. - -
i did day 2
Sylvia B
Sylvia M. - -
After finishing house chores and fiance out for a bit, this little ten minute was great for me! Awesome way to relax!
Morning Refresher!
Jenny N. - -
Great way to start the morning! I felt refreshed and ready for the day! Thanks!
Excellent short practice!
Erica Y. - -
It may be short but it's mighty. Felt good after practicing, even though it was short and sweet. Love the instructor!
Good start
Michelle S. - -
Get a good stretch with basic moves that flow easily. Good instructions. Modifications available too if needed.
Alexeyeva S. - -
This class is so perfect. Just enough to get me going. Needed this today. Thank you!
2 of 14!
Stacey H. - -
Lovely brief practice. I feel great!
Awesome class
Penny G. - -
Sounds crazy but I just tried this one doing the entire thing on my back. To my surprise it was actually more challenging. Great fun to do it from a horizontal plane and se how one pose morphs into another. Downward dog = boat pose with arms extended! ❤️❤️❤️
Nice way to start the day
Marilyn S. - -
short & sweet, but had the same settling effect as the beginning of a good class. Easy to stay with the moment without distractions
Summer Challenge Week 2, Day 9
Jackie C. - -
This was wonderful! I loved how she made sure you were breathing into the poses. Some of them were hard, but I kept trying and got it, not perfectly, but better each time. I loved how she kept mentioning to connect to how your body is feeling. It was perfect for me!
10 min
Leslie F. - -
10 mins perfect
tracy s. - -
Thank you for that 10 mins class no excusses. If i get up at 5am hit the snooze for another 10-15 mins. I can still get up an get 10 mins to get on mat before getting ready for work.
can we choose other videos?
Jade M. - -
hi! i have been doing the pre-selecte videos, but wondered if we could choose other ones, and the rules re: length, etc. I know the length has increased as the challenge has gone on. thanks so much. i have been travelling for business and doing this in my hotel room even has been great!
Lisa T. - -
The focus to do your practice every day is not easy you don't have to be in the studio to do it my blocks of been not having the props so simple to buy two bricks and a blanket I don't know what the issue is I have everything else you wonder what keeps you from doing the simple things right in front of you I've done the challenge before I could do another six days worth and do my best what do you think
Lisa T. - -
I joined the challenge but jab not been able to keep up w it due to sole things that were unexpected and issues w claws at he studio and time but I would like to try and practice at home not always motivated
Summer Series to back recovery
Megan C. - -
I signed up for the Summer Series very excited to get back into a yoga routine. A few days before it started I pulled something in my back and was very frustrated that I wouldn't be able to continue the intended challenge. I was happy to see a lot of lower back pain classes, and although I haven't been able to muster the strength to do it every day because of the pain, the summer challenge is what's keeping me going. Three out of six days isn't bad and on the days I'm doing it I'm feeling much better. Thank you !
Perfect 10!
Svetlana A. - -
Better 10-15 min a day then nothing., that`s true. This practice was an example of perfection of short and simple yoga practice. Melanie`s pitch of voice and flawless instructions were pleasant to my earth! It felt like 10 min of moving meditation. Thanks for this quick and yet challenging enough flow!
feels amazing
Violet T. - -
for a while now I've been doing yoga at the yogaworks hollywood studio but this challenge is getting me comfortable with practicing at home as well! love the challenge:)
Bridget P. - -
Great class!!! I have a shoulder injury and this was a great lower body workout!!! Super teacher who brightened my morning with her positive radiating energy!!!!
Summer Series
Laura B. - -
I love this challenge! Do you have to go in day order or can u jump around to pick what session you want to do?
Julie w. - -
Hi Laura! You can do the challenge in any order that suits you! The idea is just to do some yoga every day. Happy Practicing!
Lynn T. - -
My email stated we should scroll down after the practice so we could read news from sponsors and possibly win a pride? I have scrolled down nothing don't see what I might be missing
Lynn T. - -
I did not think that little 20 minute session would make a difference WOW I felt burning in my legs
10 mintues - no excuses
Jane M. - -
Great overall stretch in 10 minutes.
Simple, but what I needed
Jennifer N. - -
This was a perfect way to wind down from my run! It helped me to recent my breathing and was a great stretch!
So grateful for this!
Meaghan M. - -
Thrilled to start out my day with this challenge!
Thank God!
Robin C. - -
Haven't been on my mat in ages... this was just the thing to get me back. I needed this sooooo bad. Thank you!
Everyone has 10 minutes
Nancy S. - -
I was thrilled to find a 10 minute session. Cannot always carve time out for half an hour but most people can find 10 minutes. I had gotten into a bit of a rut by doing sun salutation every morning and I am glad to find diversity in the online programs. I am also a bit embarrassed to go to a class where everyone else are pros. I enjoy having the one to one instruction on how to do the pose correctly.
Quick and easy
Patt L. - -
Nice 10 minute yoga
10 minutes
Sharon S. - -
I only had ten minutes but I feel SO much better, and I feel good about myself that I did it. Love this!!
Great Fast Practice
Jamie M. - -
Not only was it a good way to start the Challenge, it is a great practice to get in to those times where I should be doing something between class.
Absolutely Perfect!
Jaime B. - -
Loved it & its the perfect way to start the journey back to health, strength, & balance in my life. Thank you!! :) <3!
So Perfect For my Day!
Kathryn H. - -
I really liked how it relaxed me and made me feel calm, less stressed and most of all more ready to take on the rest of my day!
Perfect for Today
Linda Z. - -
This brief practice was just what I needed in this moment!
Start the Day!
Amanda C. - -
This was a great stretch to start the day! I will definitely use this when I need little break or pick me up!
Great to Get Started!
Shari T. - -
A great way to get your busy day started! I have let my practice lapse in a big way and am taking the 14 day challenge to jump start back into things. This was a great, non-threatening way to get my body back into things without worrying I'd be over-doing it too much on the first day! I have MS, so I always fear not being able to recover for Day 2. No worries after this one! :) Namaste.
Short but effective
Pauline M. - -
as a beginner, it was a bit fast for me, getting in and our of down dog is difficult and I want to do it right. The good news is, I am moving. Thank you.
Pauline M. - -
A lovely way to get a quickie in when there is not much time. Effective, thank you!
Julia C. - -
Short and sweet!
Tamara G. - -
Lovely set... amazing she packed it all in. She has a lovely way of talking slowly and yet moving quickly. I might have requested a full 30 seconds laying in svanasana. Thanks!
Not for early beginners
Marilyn D. - -
Just signed up to the site. Really hard to follow some of the poses using an iPhone. If I knew the names of poses it would be easier. Will do some tutorial videos first before coming back to this one.
Perfect for today
jennifer m. - -
This was a great class for me today since I have a hectic schedule but still need to get a practice in.
Quick Energizer
Joanna R. - -
This is a great energizer when you wake up and need to get ready for a commute to work! I feel ready to face the day.