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New technology
Can we upgrade your tech with the ability to cast this on to a larger screen? That would be super helpful.
Kanika S. - -
If you use Chrome browser and have a Chromecast attached to your tv, it's super easy to cast. See here https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/3228332?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en Hope that helps :)
sound has lots of room for improvement...
Cristina C. - -
it is hard to hear the instructions... the volume in my computer is 100 and still I can't hear it. I have tried several videos and most of them are the same
LeAnn B. - -
I keep coming back to find more of Melanie's classes, I absolutely love her. This was a great upper body strengthening workout! Thank you!
Pleasent Surprise
Erin M. - -
Day 2 - had no idea that some of these poses require so much arm strength! I am loving this journey/challenge! Only thing I would suggest would be some short 10-15 min videos to add on to the daily challenge.
Siobhan P. - -
This was really nice for a total yoga newbie like me - would have been even better if I could hear it!!
Carol S. - -
I really enjoyed this; I agree with previous post that the sound needs to be louder.
Toni W. - -
Great video, I also feel the sound should be louder.
Cindy L. - -
Would be good but instructor just talks to much, needs to have some pause of talking!!!!
Constanze F. - -
excellent workout but be prepared in addition to shoulders it requires a lot of core strength. Not a problem..but something to be aware of.
Leighann H. - -
This video will not play.
Just what I needed!
Mary R. - -
Went kayaking with my daughter today and my shoulders and arms were very tight and sore. When I saw this I thought this is just what I need. Great workout. Great help.
Thank you
Kathryn H. - -
Really enjoyed this!
Elizabeth S. - -
Wow. This was short but powerful. I'm not sure why, but it says that I haven't completed the video. The same thing happened on day two. I also agree with the low volume comment.
Katja M. - -
My shoulders feel strong!
Upper Strength
Amanda C. - -
Wow! This was great! Focusing on breathing while in the planks made it easier. Great upper body and arm workout!
samantha k. - -
Good beginner class
Monica P. - -
I was very surprised I was as able to do planks, cool. I am using an iPad & even with volume on high & no background noise it was hard to hear, made it harder to flow with video. I wish it was louder.
Michelle T. - -
Great class! Thank you.
Patty W. - -
A little intense for day 2 for a beginner like me. But I stuck with it
Easy to follow instructor
Carolyn C. - -
Instructor was easy to follow with clear instruction, great quick class with targeting the shoulders, day 2 complete!
Day 2
Shannon C. - -
short and sweet
Rhiann E. - -
Great beginner class
Day 2
Irene R. - -
I definitely felt the imbalance of my shoulders. Great way to relax after the long day. Thank you!
2nd Day
Rachel P. - -
A little sore for yesterday and powered through today. Feeling stronger by the second! Day 2 completed.
upper body for beginners
lucinda p. - -
This was excellent!!
Janelle T. - -
I am really enjoying Melanie's classes so far. This was not what I expected for day 2, but I am glad I made time for it.
Day 2 of June/Summer Challenge
Alexis A. - -
My favorite part of this video was definitely the transition from dolphin pose to plank. Great upper body as well as lower back! (:
Day 2
Mai T. - -
Great start to the day!
Upper bodybuilder for beginners
patricia m. - -