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Good sequence!
Paula K. - -
I am enjoying the targeted movements and also enjoy the daily sequencing!
Short and To the Point
Leila K. - -
I did all of the 'Yoga Butt' series and they are all great, however, this first one is my fav; short, targeted, and powerful. Great to add onto the beginning or end of another class.
Good for anytime
Shawna R. - -
I love this quick little work out. Anytime I have a few extra minutes I put this on. I sometimes do it 3 times a day, yay for wedding booty in 40 days!! Plus the other booty workouts are amazing too
Brooklyn G. - -
My legs were on fire for this, I was definitely not expecting that! Great mini sequence, something I can remember easily on my own and do while I have 5 minutes to spare
Sabine P. - -
Thank you, loveley Jesse. Short but very effective!
Don't underestimate this one!
Julie F. - -
I nearly blew past this workout because it's so short, but I'm so glad I didn't. This is a great workout to squeeze in during the day. Thanks!
Fast and Effective!
Danay G. - -
WOW! She wasn't kidding, this is ultra effective in just 5 minutes! Looking forward to trying this one again!
Booty workout!
Marian E. - -
Short and sweat!
Awesome 5 mins
Tremaine W. - -
Pretty amazing quick Booty workout! I love the burn and it really does the Job! Definitely recommend this for anyone trying to tone there legs!
Nice 5 minutes!
Naomi N. - -
Nice speed, nice rythem,and nice results! Love it!
Svetlana A. - -
Uttkatasana is my favorite pose, and I enjoyed the dynamic pace. Thanks!
Gets results
Alyssa L. - -
Do "All About the Yoga Butt" first to get the most out of these stretches.
butt workout
Jessie W. - -
5 minute intense
Good way to spend 5 minutes
Ursula K. - -
If youre short on time, wouldnt hurt to add this quickie in to keep the muscles strong.