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Alexandria Crow

I deeply value my responsibility to push my students to and past their perceived physical and mental limits.
  • Certified at the 500-hour level
  • Leads 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings at YogaWorks
  • Featured by Yoga Journal and Lorna Jane, as well as in ONE Coconut Water & Hardtail campaigns

My daily practice has shown me how to approach challenges, struggle and negative patterns in my life with open eyes and a fearless attitude. This has led me to not only achieve the poses I never thought I could do, but to conquer the negative and painful patterns in my life that I thought may persist forever. Choosing to walk down this path has changed my life completely. I still fall into old habits and down into new holes, but I see them clearly and quickly, and yoga has given me the tools to get back on track and continue growing.

I believe in teaching students what to do with their body today, based on their strengths and weaknesses in this moment. I aim to teach in a step-by-step manner that clearly illuminates the path to even the most visually complex poses. I encourage students to pay attention to where they push too far and where they shy away. The process and approach you take to learning any pose is much more meaningful than finally, flawlessly achieving the pose. Making decisions in the present moment is where true change and growth lies, and where you can uncover the you that you’ve been looking for all your life.

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