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Alice Maples

Where a powerful mind goes, our action follows. Where do you want to go?
  • 17 years of professional instruction
  • Over 500 hours of yoga training, integrative fitness, nutrition and pre/post natal education with NCSF, Equinox, YogaWorks and more.
  • Leads workshops and retreats internationally

As a child, I wanted to be a medical doctor because I wanted to have a profound impact on helping people improve their health. Like any good student, I did my research and more impactfully shadowed and interned before diving fully in. I interned in clinics in the United States, wellness centers in Costa Rica, and at a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Beijing, China. In the US, I saw that many doctors would barely engage with their patients. In Costa Rica, I learned the value of prevention. And in China, I learned the importance of looking at the body and environment as a whole!

After working as a comprehensive Health Coordinator in South LA, I had an opportunity to dive completely back into fitness and yoga. Here is where I finally found the way in which I wanted to improve and enhance the lives of others. There’s nothing quite like seeing the journey and evolution of my students and clients. My heart sings and my eyes well up with stories of my students pain vanishing, of strength improved, of movement gained, of confidence restored and of the positive impact both on and off the mat. I am so grateful to teach, learn from and work alongside our wonderful students, teachers and all the individuals behind the scenes each and every day. Today, I am fortunate enough to teach yoga, fitness, swimming and privately train clients ages 2-90+ and lead workshops and retreats globally! I’m excited to hear of your magnificent journey!

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