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Ashley Platz

To me, yoga is the experience of being ok with being uncomfortable, on and off the mat.
  • Certified 200 hour in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, &Children's Yoga
  • Leads yoga retreats internationally
  • Manduka ambassador
  • Teaches on film and tv sets

I am the most unlikely of yoga teachers. As a young child, I developed scoliosis and was told that the only fix would be steel rods along my spine. Thankfully, my parents refused. I was a track and field athlete as a teenager and fought my stubborn spine the whole way. My first exposure to yoga was in a college acting class that I felt was ridiculous. Then I moved to LA to continue the hustle in better weather and was sleeping on a futon, yet still couldn't put together why my back pain was persisting. Still didn't give yoga a chance. I blamed it on everything - my competitive nature, not wanting to drink the "LA Kool-Aid," I'm too A.D.D. Then I noticed I had moved into an apartment that was 2 blocks from a yoga studio. The universe was giving me a sign. One I didn't want. I reluctantly stepped into a yoga class, and a month later, back pain was no longer in my life. Floored, blown away, and desperate to know more, I took a teacher training. The next thing I know, I'm teaching all over Los Angeles, and my scoliosis is nearly completely gone.

I never wanted to practice yoga, let alone teach it. I approach every class that I teach with that in my mind. I know how hard it can be to show up, to put yourself first, to fight through physical and mental limitations, but you can. You can, and I would be honored to be there to not only inspire you, but to remind you that I, too, am invested in your progress.

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