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Birgitte Kristen

My purpose as a yoga teacher is to facilitate the journey of moving into a place of stillness through working the poses, connecting with your breath, and observing your thoughts.
  • 21 years of professional instruction
  • Certified at the 500-hour level
  • Leads 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings at YogaWorks

I grew up in Denmark. At the age of 19, I was given the opportunity to move to Los Angeles, where I started studying psychology, massage therapy, meditation, and yoga. Since my teen years, I'd struggled with anxiety, OCD, and an eating disorder, so I had plenty to work with and plenty to learn from. As I dove into a more serious yoga practice, I experienced its healing aspects, how it centered me and also brought me clarity.

Yoga has prepared me and supported me through the challenges of living in a new country, raising my kids, dealing with my mother’s tragic death, and also understanding and managing my anxiety. It is a way for me to connect with the deepest part of myself, and in turn enables me to see how we are all interconnected. In many ways, yoga is about clearing any obstructions that separate us from who we innately are so that we can experience wholeness. It is a beautiful and profound practice that can benefit people of all ages. I am grateful to have such a healing modality, and to be able to share it with thousands of students, who sincerely have been my greatest teachers.

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