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Holly Jean Cosner

My goal is to create an ever-changing workout for the client who has outgrown or advanced beyond the average Pilates class and is looking for a fresh and challenging approach to their fitness goals.
  • Pilates Master Trainer
  • BarWorks Master Trainer
  • 500 hour yoga certification
  • Creator and Co-Author of Pee Wee Pilates
  • Featured in Glamour, Shape, Pilates Style, Access Hollywood

I grew up in Memphis, TN and joined the Tennessee Ballet when I was 13. At 15 I was accepted into a ballet conservatory in Cannes to study with Rosella Hightower and perform with the Jeune Ballet. After 2 yrs and several injuries that required surgery, I returned to the US to finish college. I promptly moved to NYC to perform with several small modern dance companies and pursue my other passion in music. I heard early on about Pilates from another dancer, and it became a key component of rebuilding strength after my foot and ankle surgeries. In 1997 I was honoured to be trained and certified to teach classical Pilates by my mentors Romana Kryzanowksa and Bob Liekens. Bob also encouraged me to start practicing yoga in order to deepen my understanding of Pilates, and I think it was the most valuable advice anyone has ever given me in my fitness career. I believe in the combination of these 2 practices as an optimal way to develop a healthy balance of strength and flexibility, not just in the body, but in the mind and spirit as well.

After 17 years of teaching, I still continue to learn and play around with different approaches to movement to create new ways of combining Pilates with Yoga and Barre techniques. Seeing my students grow with me and take their own practices to higher levels is hugely satisfying and always keeps me on my toes!

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