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Jennifer Elliott

Jennifer believes in the transformative power of yoga through physical practice, self- study, and contemplation. It is through these methods that she aids her students on their path to health and contentment.
  • 15 years Professional Instruction
  • Certified at the 500-hour Level
  • LMU certified Yoga Therapist
  • Leads 200 and 300-hour trainings for YogaWorks
  • Leads workshops, teacher trainings and international retreats

Looking back, I was always destined to teach yoga, even though I didn’t know what it was! When I was little, I would create dance routines with my friends. Later, I was drawn to drill team and cheerleading. These experiences were the beginning of practicing the sequencing I would later apply to yoga. My dad studied theology, and even though I couldn’t quite comprehend all of it, his thoughts on the subject intrigued me. Later, I would find this same interest in the philosophy of yoga.

Beyond those early experiences, I had somewhat of a turbulent childhood. At 17, I moved away from home and enrolled in community college. My English professor at that school would give me the assignment that would shape my future - to write a paper on Yoga and Meditation. She gave me a stack of books on the subject, and sent me to my first yoga class. I was too timid to participate, so I just sat in the back and took notes for “research”. Although I didn’t fully comprehend this experience and what it meant at the time, it sparked my interest.

Shortly after I moved again, and I began taking yoga classes. Soon I discovered that I had this amazing feeling of euphoria after class. This was a welcomed break from my usual mood of stress and depression. I became inspired by my yoga teacher who had left the corporate world to start a yoga studio and give massage. I was so inspired that I became a massage therapist and took my first yoga teacher training. That was the real beginning of my journey and learning about the connection between mind and body that comes with a developed practice.

Twenty years and several trainings later, I’m still fascinated by the practice of yoga. I love how you can come in just wanting this physical practice and in no time, the multilayered benefits affect you on a subtle level. You start to notice how your moods begin to level out, you become less reactive to situations, and have more clarity and awareness. The philosophical concepts act as a sort of self-help book for guiding you through life’s ups and downs. As a teacher, it’s my hope that I can guide students through their own journey while creating a class that’s fun and well-sequenced at the same time.

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