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Jenny Kontos

  • Certified at 200-hour yoga instructor
  • 10 years of professional instruction
  • Co-leads 200-hour teacher trainings
  • Leads yoga retreats and teachers in festivals internationally
  • Teaches workshops nationally
  • Public speaker and motivator
  • Lululemon ambassador

It is my passion to teach students that the greatest gift we can give is to be our authentic, loving self. Yoga has guided me to stand for self-love and use asana as the tool to shed layers of self doubt, limited beliefs, and fear. I see every posture as a gateway to our own awakening to who we truly are. I use fun transitions to nudge students to step out of auto-pilot and evoke growth, possibility and courage. My classes are a dynamic experience of power, mindfulness, and humor.

My journey of the practice and teaching of yoga began in 2007 at a rehabilitation center in Texas. There I met my most beloved mentor, Joe, who planted the seed of compassion, self acceptance and unconditional love. After the passing of Joe, continuing his legacy became my calling. I resigned from corporate America at the age of 22 and devoted myself to the teachings, blessings, and studying of yoga. By 24, I found myself embarking on a solo journey to India to study Chanting, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, and Meditation.

It is my sole purpose is to offer playful, energetic, intention filled classes and hold space for students of all levels. I am forever grateful for each of my students and teachers for trusting in me and encouraging me to shine my light. It is my commitment through my classes, trainings, workshops, and retreats to uplift more than just our glutes and create a safe space for personal development so we all can find what brings us joy, patience, and freedom.

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