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It is through the attention to breath, how we move our bodies, how we lovingly and intelligently find the alignment in each pose that we come to understand that this practice can be a mirror for our lives off the mat. I practice and teach so that we may realize that we are stronger than we know and are able to breathe through whatever comes our way. On and off the mat.
  • Leads teacher trainer at both the 200 and 300-hour level
  • Certified at the 500-hour level
  • International retreat and workshop leader leader
  • Recovery coach
  • Mom of two amazing daughters

I have been loving and practicing yoga for well over twenty years. I committed whole-heartedly to a yoga practice twenty-two years ago when I came into sobriety and credit this practice with helping me reclaim my body, mind and soul. I am a yogi, athlete, mother, and former criminal defense trial attorney. I roll my mat out day after day because of the incredible strength, presence, and joy that is possible. I love teaching yoga because I believe this is a practice where everybody can come to feel strong, beautiful, capable and wise.

I deeply believe that a strong, consistent, steady asana practice is critical for clarity of mind and body, but it is the clarity and kindness that we can bring off the mat that is the true yoga. Yoga has been the one consistent lifesaver through many phases of life- single days, the trenches of life as a criminal trial attorney, marriage, motherhood, dark and light days alike. I believe yoga should be joyful, challenging, confronting, revealing and athletic all at the same time.

While I bring strong alignment to my classes, it is the playful joy of vinyasa flow, the inner focus and metaphor of the poses for life’s challenges and joys that are the true gifts of the practice. Come to these classes prepared to dive deep, work hard, sweat, and, hopefully, smile.

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