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Yoga is a way for us to truly meet ourselves. The behaviors that arise on the mat are ones that typically occur in life. It's a chance to be a witness rather than beholden to our emotions.

After being pulled, hooting and hollering, into his first yoga class at the behest of friends, Justin was instantly drawn to yoga and started participating in a quite sustained once-a-month practice. When that became insufficient, once-a-month turned to twice-a-week and twice-a-week turned into an a day away from those same friends having an intervention.

Justin began to feel his downward-facing dog edging him closer to enlightenment and he decided to embark on a 200-hour teacher training program with Kim Manfredi so that he could the practice with others. It didn’t take long for him to understand that he knows nothing about enlightenment but could share the details of the hatha yoga practice with others. It was also during this period he decided to devote his personal practice to the Ashtanga vinyasa method.

Since completing his training in 2014, Justin has been fortunate to experience the practice with Eddie Stern, Tim Feldmann, Peg Mulqueen, David Garrigues, and John Bultman. His classes explore breath as the foundation of movement with an emphasis on being in the moment and letting go of assumptions surrounding how a posture can look and replacing that with understanding how a posture can feel.

He forever indebted and grateful to his teachers; Debbie Saag, Heather Hax and Kim Manfredi; as well as fellow students for being part of a community where his practice can continue to grow and be shared.

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