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Kara Looney

When you don't go within, you go without - Yogi Bhajan
  • 200-hour Vinyasa certified
  • 220-hour KRI Kundalini Yoga certified
  • Coach for yogic lifestyle and career repurposing
  • Corporate wellness & retreat facilitator

Developing a yoga practice has been highly transformational for me. A martial artist, long distance runner, swimmer, snowboarder, skier, “you name it I did it” type of person. Over time, I found myself full of injuries, with a growing list of physical limitations that initially led me to start my yoga practice. At first, my practice was intended to support the fitness regimen I already had. As I continued with the practice, I found that my love for yoga had overpowered my interest in all else. Yoga helped to re-frame my mind into a new paradigm for fitness, health, healing and personal growth. A paradigm that incorporates balance, self-love, spirituality and divine connection.

When I entered my first Kundalini Yoga class, that paradigm was inflated and supercharged. I found the practice very unusual, but could not deny that I encountered something very powerful and mysterious. The energetic transformation that took place within me during each class alone was enough to reinforce my return. I discovered that these ancient Kundalini Yoga teachings, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, called "Kriyas", which are a combination of movements, mantras and pranayamas served as a prescription for my spiritual awakening. I became more intimately aware of my true nature and what was false within me. It was as if I was downloading advanced software to upgrade my whole being every-time I came to practice! We use the term "Sat Nam" in Kundalini Yoga, which translates into "truth is my Identity". That mantra became very sacred as I discovered the shedding of layers and continue unveil my most authentic self in the practice.

As a teacher, I intimately know the healing power of this work and I consider it a purpose in my life to make Kundalini Yoga more accessible and understood. This ancient sacred science continues to transform my life and I love to see how it transforms those who practice it with me.

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