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Katerina Katsogressaki

‘’Heyam duhkcam anagatam’’ Pain that has not come yet is avoidable! Yoga offers the way to remove the obstacles from our life that cause us pain and prevent our spiritual and emotional growth.
  • Certified at the 500-hour level
  • Leads 200-hr YogaWorks teacher training programs in Greece, Cyprus
  • Teacher of prenatal yoga (Birthlight)
  • Integrative Yoga therapist
  • 12 years of professional instruction

My love for physical exercise has been expressed since my childhood and this led me to the decision to study Physical Education. After graduating, I obtained my master‘s degree in ''Human Performance and Health.'' My contact with yoga started during my studies firstly as an experimentation with a different way of physical motion but soon I felt a deep connection with all the aspects of the yogic practice. My first experience with the YogaWorks system at a fitness conference was a decisive moment because I felt really amazed by its methodology and so I subsequently fulfilled my 200h teacher training program at YogaWorks. My first teachers were Malachi Melville, Anna Zorzou and Edwin Bergman.

Since then under the guidance of my beloved teacher Anna Zorzou I have been enriching my knowledge. I have completed the 300h teacher training and I have also attended the integrative yoga therapy program with Joseph Le Page at Kripalu. Plenty of workshops with respectful teachers such as Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Annie Carpenter and others have expanded my knowledge. Today, after having been an assistant at YogaWorks teacher trainings for several years, I co-lead with Anna Zorzou the training programs in Greece and Cyprus, I teach several group classes, I give private sessions and I lead training programs and presentations in conferences for the greek educational organization Grafts. I love to offer a suitable learning environment for my students with physical and mental challenges giving them space for self-observation as well as encouraging a deeper understanding of their own true self!

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