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My personal practice is what inspires me to walk this path with my students. I have insight to share, but we learn together.
  • Certified at the 500-hour level
  • Leads 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings at YogaWorks
  • YogaWorks Certification Assessor
  • Business of Yoga Coach
  • Leads workshops and international retreats

In 1991, my professional dance career came to an abrupt end when I herniated L4, L5 and S1. Although doctors felt that surgery was my only option, I began alignment-based yoga to rehabilitate my body. As I became stronger, I began to feel something deeper; and though I had an opportunity to take a teacher training, the demons of my youth had hold of my decisions and I chose a different path out of fear of never being “good” enough. 15 years later, I did not let fear stand in my way and graduated from the 200-hour YogaWorks Teacher Training program. There have been many demons to face and bridges to cross on my path – and through my practice of yoga, I have cultivated a deep and sacred relationship to my soul.

I teach because I want to help people find their true nature, beauty and essence through the 8-limbed path. I guide my students to find strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance in the physical practice, and to learn how to adjust their practice to their ever changing needs. However, the foundation of what I teach, sits in the principle that there is an opening (a doorway revealed) that comes when the body is cared for, has space to breathe - to begin listening to the teacher inside. My job as a teacher is to guide my students to the truth within.

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