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Laura Burkhart

Yoga encouraged me to respect my body rather than push my body beyond it’s limits.
  • Certified at the 500-hour level
  • Leads workshops and international retreats
  • Featured by Yoga Journal and Spotlighted in Origin Magazine

As a recovering over-achieving, workaholic, I sought out yoga to help combat the serious health problems my body was experiencing as a result of a decade of major stress and insomnia. I gravitated toward yoga because it reminded me of the similar meditative movement I found when I used to dance. The main difference I discovered between yoga and dance was that yoga encouraged me to respect my body rather than push my body beyond it’s limits. Because of my own experience, I decided to change the course of my work life to help others find the same relief and peace I had found through a fluid, meditative vinyasa practice.

I teach creative and intelligently sequenced classes. My classes are challenging, and have a smooth, and rhythmic flow. I am adept at catering to different levels and abilities, ensuring that all of my students feel welcome and at ease. My extensive studies under Jason Crandell and Shiva Rea taught me smart sequencing and the benefit of fluidity, both of which forged my intuitive, spontaneous and eclectic instruction style.

I am an E-RYT 500 San Francisco based teacher. I worked as the Yoga Director at the San Francisco Bay Club’s Mind/Body Center, have been featured in numerous Yoga Journal online video podcasts, have been spotlighted in Origin Magazine and was the June 2010 master class model for Yoga Journal Magazine.

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