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Maria Zavala

Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. Through the practice of yoga, we learn to still the mind, through breath and movement. And thus, true positive transformation and healing in mind and body takes place.
  • Has been teaching professionally for 16 years
  • Has completed Beginner (Primary Series), Intermediate (Second Series) and Advanced (Third Series) Teacher Trainings with Tim Miller, Certified Ashtanga Teacher
  • Completed YogaWorks 200 Hour Training
  • Lead Assistant in YogaWorks 200 Hour Training

Maria Zavala is a free spirited yogi who grew up in the concrete jungles of New York. She has been practicing yoga longer than you can imagine and has studied with the best teachers our time has known. Her main teacher has been Tim Miller, whom she studied with in Encinitas for eight years. Having completed all his Teacher Trainings, she also assisted him for over four years. She attained his blessing to teach Ashtanga yoga before her move to Los Angeles.

Maria has the unique ability of harnessing her own practice and teaching expertise to understand what her students are experiencing and how to guide them through it. Her eclectic approach to yoga leaves her students with an overall confidence that transforms off the mat. She is well adept at meeting students at any level of their practice, from beginner to advanced, and helping them build a practice of complete transformation.

She is not afraid to push boundaries and do what is necessary to help her students succeed; having helped many of her students with injuries to adapt their practice as therapy to heal the mind and body.
Her specialty is teaching Ashtanga yoga, but she also teaches Vinyasa Flow, where her artistry and creativity are highlighted in dynamic, challenging and intelligent sequencing. Decades of practice and teaching experience allows her to teach multi-level classes with ease, giving her beginner and advanced students something meaningful to further their knowledge and practice. Join Maria on a journey of mental and physical transformation and listen to great music while you’re there!

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