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Mia Togo

It is through our fears that our courage is revealed, and through the darkness we find our light.
  • 10 years of professional instruction
  • Certified at the 500-hour level
  • Leads 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings at YogaWorks
  • Professional Life Coach

I grew up in the small town of Murrieta, CA, where I was an avid equestrian and dancer. Both passions dealt with energy, connection, and expression of spirit, and ultimately paved the way to my love and devotion to yoga. I've studied with many teachers, finding wisdom from different styles and philosophies. With much respect for all forms of yoga, my calling is vinyasa flow. The synchronicity of the breath and movement creates an open sacred space where the body is informed through alignment and breath, the mind is focused, the emotion flows freely, and there is connection to the authentic self.

I believe that to live in the present we have to let go of unconscious conditioning and understand the past. Left unchecked, the body holds on to patterns, negative belief systems and traumas. Yoga takes us toward the human side of life to explore the shadow without judgment. Through this process we understand our true nature so we can embrace our light, express our creative energy, and love from our truth.

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