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Nikos Florakis

Studying and learning is the most important inspiration in my life. Our motto is “learn to teach, teach to learn”. Afterall, we are all students in this life.

My first contact with yoga happened more than ten years ago. After completing my BS in Sport Sciences and my MA in Sport & Leisure Management, I returned from London to Athens and started working in the field of sports. As a professional sprinter, I noticed back then that yoga was gaining ground and decided to complete my first teacher training based on Vinyasa Yoga with my first teacher, Savvas Giantsis.

After three years working as a yoga instructor at several studios and health clubs, I decided to deepen my knowledge at a time where I met YogaWorks and Anna Zorzou. During the following years, I completed successfully my YogaWorks Teacher Training in 200 and 300 HR with the mentorship of several gifted teachers like Anna, Edwin Berghman, Voula Bolou, Chuck Miller, David Kim, Jeanne Heilemann, etc.

During the present decade, I have been working as a yoga and pilates instructor for Holmes Place, an international health company owning numerous clubs around the globe. Additionally, after many years of studying and assisting my mentors, today I have the chance to be in the YogaWorks family and work as a teacher trainer.

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