Papo Caballero
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Papo Caballero

  • Teaching for 22 years (8 as yoga instructor)
  • Masters in Education
  • Valid California Clear Credential Teacher
  • 500-hour Yogaworks teacher trained

Everyone has their own path to finding yoga, which makes the discovery of yoga so profound and in some cases life changing. Mine is no different. A broken leg and several physical rehabs to correct imbalances in my body led me to intense physical pain in my hip, which brought upon great unforeseen mental distress. My physical capabilities, to which I had become extremely attached, had been diminished. I landed at Yogaworks and was extremely lucky to have such great teachers help guide me. Yoga has helped make hip pain a thing of the past as well as help me let go of some of my attachments.

These shifts made me very interested in yoga which led to a 200 hour TT on a whim. I loved it. The combination of the TT plus my 14 years as a teacher (high school and elementary) made me curious if instructing a yoga class was possible. This naturally led to me completing the 300 hr. TT at Yogaworks. The trainings were so enjoyable Jesse Schein and Patti Quintero were kind enough to let me assist them in their yoga classes for a year following my completion of the 300 TT.

Yoga is now a guide for me. It helps me navigate my feelings, whether physical or mental, and observe them instead of react. I love to be of service and strive to provide a safe place for practitioners to put down a mat and begin their self-exploration. My role becomes a facilitator helping practitioners develop a deep relationship with yoga.

Hope to see you in class or on the mat soon.

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