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Yoga brilliantly offers infinite ways to encourage physical and mental growth from simple asanas and concepts, to more complex ones. The practice is an individual journey that takes a lifetime---the inspirational spark can be realized from the first experience.
  • Teaching since 2001
  • Certified, E-500RYT and C-IAYT
  • Leads Yogaworks 200HR and 300HR Trainings
  • Teacher workshops and trainings Internationally

I’ve always had a lifelong curiosity about yoga, dating back to my teen years and began my formal exploration of yoga many years ago for therapeutic reasons to minimize back pain from scoliosis. In these first classes, I felt much needed pain relief, and slowly became intrigued by the asanas and the way the body functioned and responded to them. Although I spent my youth professionally training for dance, I would discover that yoga offered something much more physically subtle in many ways that resonated with me. In addition, yoga philosophy relayed the spiritual message I was seeking to evolve on a personal and emotional level. After many years of working for prestigious arts institutions in NYC, I moved to Los Angeles and began a long journey of studying, practicing yoga and further enhancing my knowledge by taking teacher trainings and attending numerous workshops and classes. I was fortunate to be in Los Angeles to study with some of the leading teachers in the field who have been great mentors and continue to be to this day. Although, I’ve studied many styles of yoga: Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Vinyasa Flow, are my steady influences. Additional studies include anatomy, kinesiology, therapeutics, other movement modalities and meditation---which I study, practice and teach.

My career as a yoga teacher happened by accident. Throughout the years of studying, I’ve been consistently called upon to teach primarily in Los Angeles and Asia—primarily Japan, China and soon Vietnam. Traveling has broadened my scope as a teacher and the in-depth involvement with diverse cultures has made my teaching more sensitive to others. I love creating sequences based on traditional hatha yoga asanas, deconstructing poses and then teaching them in a mindful, logical and safe way. I also enjoy teaching different levels to people of all ages, from teens to seniors. Being a yoga teacher has allowed me to express myself creatively in so many ways!

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