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Katherine J. - -
Thank you for the unwinding.
Katherine J. - -
So relaxing!
Jackie M. - -
Great class. Would love to add happy baby into this sequence.
Ko T. - -
Very calming and soothing. Paced nicely as well. Perfect for right before bed. Thank you!
Needed this!
Nicole P. - -
After Pilates this morning and my journey to strength core work this afternoon i needed to relax and this was perfect!
Good stretches and Very calming before bed
Sofia B. - -
Loved the soothing voice and easy stretches for a relaxing 10 min before bed
Quick and restful sequence
Mimi E. - -
I enjoyed this class for its simplicity. There were only 3 or 4 asanas, just enough to relax you and prepare you for bed.
althea b. - -
did not have a lot of time today but this 10min was the best
June Challenge Day 9
Amber C. - -
I've been missing the studio. Hours are keeping me up late. This video is just perfect.
June Challenge Day 8
Amber C. - -
Never too late!
June Challenge Day 6
Amber C. - -
Late night at work. Bed time yoga to relax before a little more work at home. Very restorative!
June Challenge Day 5
Amber C. - -
Sometimes, all you need is a little yoga. :o)
First Day of June Challenge
Amber C. - -
Oh, yeah. This was nice.
Lisa E. - -
Perfect just before bed especially with limited time!
Thank you
Alison E. - -
Lovely sequence! Hope to fall right asleep!
Love it!
Jennifer D. - -
The deepest sleep Ive bad in a long time! Thank you!
Nighty night
Jennifer M. - -
Great little quick night cap!
so relaxing
Michelle S. - -
the hip stretch was wonderful. this was so relaxing. thank you.
Merrisa D. - -
She has a great calming voice. Perfect pre-bedtime yoga!
Excellent night time yoga
Ronnie S. - -
This instructor is typical YW trained and I enjoyed the detailed instructions and her calming approach. Thank you Melanie :-)