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Lisa G. - -
Love your classes. Short on yogi talk and long on pose description. Thanks!
Helen G. - -
wow, that class was spot on, just the right amount of instruction. Clear and concise with a lovely flow. Thank you Vytas, Im a big fan!
Nice challenge!
Savannah R. - -
I loved this challenging detox. I consider myself an Intermediate level yogi, but this was a good sweat-breaking, heart-pumping practice :)
Megan B. - -
Such a good, quick class that leaves you feeling great!!
Helen G. - -
What an amazing class and teacher. thank you for your super teaching and explanation-just the right amount of information, not too wordy but spot on with the instructions. super
Shari T. - -
I'm so glad I didn't switch to the Intermediate program today...this kicked my butt! Just the right amount that I wasn't about to quit (knew it was about to end), but enough that I broke a sweat. Thank you so much! I love that it's ramping up! :)
Alexeyeva S. - -
Great class. Thank you!
Katja M. - -
This made me feel great, and if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Really got my core working, and was challenging for someone like me who is a beginner.,
Late Night Detox
Heidi R. - -
I liked him as a teacher, encouraging and informative. Wold take a longer class in this for sure!
Awesome detx after work
Velvet H. - -
This was great after work I was able to listen and follow along without losing focus! I know I will continue to get stronger as I continue to practice.
Modifications for less flexible?
Marilyn D. - -
During the standing twist I could not get my elbow over my knee. Any tips for how to modify that pose?
Array - -
Hi Marilyn! Thanks for your question. It isn’t uncommon to struggle with the depth of that twist. Instead of hooking the arm over the leg, simply put the hand down on the floor on the inside of the foot and twist by stretching the opposite arm upward. This should be more accessible to you. Thanks for practicing with us! Vytas
Sarah S. - -
This kicked my butt! And it was awesome! Made me work but wasn't so hard that I wanted to stop halfway through. Will be doing this one again!
2:00 pick-me-up!
Rachel H. - -
This was lovely and will help get me through the afternoon. Thank you!
Emilie C. - -
I thought about going to level 2 but this was just the right amount of challenge! The flow and corrections are just what I need as I'm learning :)
Twist and Shout!
Amanda C. - -
This was a great twisting detox. The little corrections were a game changer! Just a little trouble when laying on my stomach and lifting up my feet and arms, it hurts my tummy. Any suggestions!?
Array - -
Hi Amanda. Thanks for your question. It is important to never do anything in our practice that hurts. Discomfort is ok, but if you’re having pain, then definitely best to modify or skip. Try to put more weight in your pubic bone than your stomach when lying on your tummy. If lying down still hurts your belly, then many being on all fours and extending opposite arm and leg would be a better (but just as effective) option for you. Thanks for practicing with us! Vytas
samantha k. - -
Thank you for the minor position corrections. It clarified some things for me :)
Great Detox
Kathryn H. - -
Felt Amazing and really got me to challenge myself
Albertina W. - -
Amazing! Thanks for sneaking this level 2 course into level 1 lol. I would have never pushed myself
Felt slightly challenged. Got the kinks out. Will practice this video often.
Ana A. - -
I struggle with my breathing what a beautiful practice to remind me of its importance ...grateful for this practice
Claudia P. - -
That was wonderful!
Svetlana A. - -
It was quite a challenge. Felt centered and stronger in just 20 min. Thanks
Kimberly C. - -
I had a very long stressful day and this was so needed! I feel amazing! DAY 3!
Great Sweat!
Katia F. - -
Golly! Who knew this would be so challenging, but so worth it!
Nadine B. - -
Great complement to the other classes I have been doing. Thank you!
I needed that!
Katie C. - -
Heather M. - -
been out of practice for awhile...this was just enough of a challenge...great start!
Quick & Effective!
Alexis A. - -
Definitely got my blood pumping! I also felt a lot of work in my [out of shape] core. This truly is "a great start" to any day or first twenty minutes of a longer practice!
Denise R. - -
Great detox work-out and refresher for those who have been out of the practice for awhile.