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One of my favorites
Janet L. - -
This class hits the spot every time! It's short, effective, and perfect for anytime of the day.
Perfect short flow
Elizabeth C. - -
Paired this with a twenty minute jog during quarantine lunch break. Wonderful little flow. Namaste!
Just right
Christine C. - -
Good voice and directions. Easy to follow.
Perfect little flow
Jordan P. - -
This is exactly what I was looking for in a 20 minute class. It was great first thing in the morning. Thank you!
A good, clear, unfussy, balanced flow
Seanan F. - -
This is a simple level 2 practice. It isn't the usual sequence; let go of anticipation (trying to guess what comes next), and you'll be fine. The instructions are straightforward. This would be a particularly good video to use after a long-haul flight, after an exercise, or as a step between working on rehab and returning to a fitness routing.
Janel S. - -
Awesome instructor. Will do all of her videos.
jeanne b. - -
If you only have 20 minutes to squeeze in some love for your body.. this is a great little class.
Cait L. - -
This is such an enjoyable, refreshing little practice that has a great balance of stretching and strength building poses. Steady pace with intention and clear instruction. Well done!
Perfect after a day of travel
Wendy P. - -
After some airplane travel this afternoon this was a perfect practice to get moving and get ready for an evening out. Feeling refreshed!
Back on the mat
Mary E. - -
I've been away from the mat for a few months due to some injuries. I wanted to start back slowly and this is perfect.
Jennifer L. - -
Really loved this sequence and the unique way she gets into the hips without overtly telling us that's what she's doing. A lovely, seamless flow. Needed a quick, refreshing flow after a hard workout day and this was perfect!
Quinn C. - -
Love this class. Just what I needed to let go of negativity and feel grounded.
Fun sequence and transitions
Tia W. - -
So much fun, I did it twice. And I wasn't even feeling motivated to practice...
kept me focused
Alexis H. - -
This routine kept me focused and got me going! It's easy to get started with this especially on days when I'm tempted to talk myself into doing nothing.
Kendra W. - -
I didn't find the instruction confusing - this is a level 2 flow with common poses found in surya namaskar B. If you can just melt into her instruction rather than having to know what comes next, you'll love this class. There is nothing confusing about it.
Feeling Refreshed!
Renee C. - -
Rejuvenating and efficient class, I did this while my baby was asleep. I found the choreography well paced and clearly instructed. Thank you!
Cynthia R. - -
Found the pace almost too fast. I felt confused about the poses sometimes. Some excellent stretches though and some were so fun to get into. Thanks!
Catherine A. - -
No captioning which is a disappointment however, I knew just enough to be able to follow albeit a bit haltingly.
Very Rushed
Katie C. - -
I took this as part of the Jan '17 14 day yoga challenge and was a little disappointed. She's moving so quickly that she confuses herself and isn't always clear on what pose is next. I've taken other 20 minute quick flow classes that I find make a better, more clear use of the time.
Heather W. - -
Beautiful choreography that was efficient, too! The time flew by and I felt refreshed and warmed up afterwards.
Great go-to workout if time poor
Just did for the first time and think it will be great all-rounder to do if short on time. I like the suggested videos below also
Post Run
Wendy H. - -
As per the comment title, I love doing this class after a run. Balanced, quick, and re-energizing.
Very frustrating and disorganized
Michael B. - -
This is a frustrating class. The instructor is hard to follow and she doesn't always tell you what pose you are going to get into. The pacing is too fast to get any yogic benefit from the poses. I stopped half way through because I found it more agitating than beneficial.
So Fast So Fun!
Jamie M. - -
I loved this flow! It was quick and fun and I will definitely be back for this one!
Second time reviewing
Julia C. - -
I've been a member for over a year and I keep coming back to this class. It's amazing. Simply perfect. I love how Laura gets right down to business. The sequencing is well-planned so each pose truly flows from one into the next. PLEASE bring Laura back to make more 20 minute well rounded classes!!
Love Love Love
Caryn T. - -
Great flow, quick pace, fun sequencing!
Well rounded and quick!
Debbie F. - -
Love every class Laura teaches and this is no exception. Great quick morning all around practice.
Great late afternoon re-energizer
Roze H. - -
Perfect for the late afternoon office slump. Ready to finish the day after this well-paced well-rounded class.
Carolyn D. - -
Love all of the instructors. I can study, practice at my convience.
Best for experienced practitioners
Suzanne S. - -
Quite fast, so best if you really know your stuff and are warmed up
Kristina D. - -
Wonderfull flow indeed. I woke up late this morning and so glad i took this video. Love my day already :)
Very convenient!
Norma S. - -
love this quick, to the point class!
Great way to start the day
Genevieve R. - -
This is a great start to a busy day. Challen
Enjoyed It
Tamara G. - -
I really enjoyed this class. I felt like Laura settled into a more comfortable pace and tone of voice after the first few moments. The pace was a little quicker than what I prefer, but overall so delighted to do this at home. Thanks!
Harriet B. - -
Great, quick class that has lots of good components!
Danica L. - -
Enjoyed the flow of this quick session
Nikki G. - -
Great class! Perfect for a busy morning! Feel refreshed and ready to start my day!
Loved It
Vanessa S. - -
My first Fall into yoga class #fallintoyoga
Brogan M. - -
Amazing! My favourite class so far. I can't believe how much Laura packed into 20 mins! More like this please :)
Aude T. - -
Love it!!!!!
Over before you know it
Julia C. - -
Awesome class that packs a lot in 20 minutes. Super efficient. Laura gets right down to business. Just what I needed today when I was tight on time. Would love to see more 20-minute classes like this!
hellen w. - -
Packs a lot into little time - perfect first thing in the am. Thank you!!
Loved it!
Arwa A. - -
Perfect combination of moves in 20mins....this will surely be a class I will come back to many times!
Great flow
Judy H. - -
Although the pace is quick, it is a well-rounded session that left me feeling strong and stretched. Great options as well.
Marjorie R. - -
Absolutely loved this class. The minimal approach to cuing with no extraneous dialogue was refreshing and made it very enjoyable. Thank you!
Got me moving!
Jennifer S. - -
What a great quick flow class! Everything was covered from balance to backbends and all the poses moved seamlessly into one another. Will definitely make this part of my morning routine!