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Great Tips For Working With Students
Michelle Solotar - - (edited)
I currently have a 2nd trimester student, and sought this video for tips/reminders about how/why to cue certain poses. Especially liked the reminder to step the foot wide/outside the hands in coming forward out of AMS and the wider stance in Tadasana. Thank you, Patti Quintero!
2nd Trimester Prenatal
Jesse Barton - -
I enjoyed this class, but I too, wished for more hip openers. It also would've been nice to hold some of the static poses longer to really sink into the relaxation of the stretch.
Tina Leidl - -
I enjoyed the pacing of this class. It was relaxing, yet there were still moments that I was out of breath.
2nd Trimester Mother
Megan Holman - -
This was a really good class. There were good strengthening and flexibility components. I would have liked more hip openers though.
2nd Trimester Prenatal
Monica Patel - -
Great class. Enjoyed the side leg lifts and explanations for poses.