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Ann M. - -
Excellent class for releasing tension and stress at the end of the day. Thank you.
The perfect way to close off your work day
Simon H. - -
This has everything. Thanks Vytas
Great short class
Nicole S. - -
As always a great challenging class from Vytas!
love it!
Bridget T. - -
I absolutely love vytas and his classes. This one is a great short practice with lots of twists.
Spyros K. - -
vytas always brings it
Harriet K. - -
Lately I'm apprehensive to explore other teachers because I know Vytas will never disappoint!
Lori K. - -
Great, sweaty class! This was a perfect short class to really feel detoxified. Thanks Vytas!
PAYAL L. - -
An amazing class! I've loved all of Vytas's videos. I just need to get some blocks so I can go deeper into some poses. Please keep posting more videos Vytas!
Priyanka S. - -
Such a great class like always, Vytas! Fantastic cues. Thank you.
Lucyna L. - -
i practiced a lot with different Yoga teachers and Vyatas instrucions are really helpful. thank You
Sandra C. - -
I agree with a few of the comments below that the instructor did not take a positive approach on this class. The poses and sequence were worthwhile, but I did not appreciate some of the commentary like “don’t be afraid, that’s not unique anyway”
great class!
randi h. - -
Vytas your instruction is so great.. you are making me a better yogi! thank you..
alisa H. - -
Loved this quick detox class, commentary and all! Keep it coming Vytas!
Eva S. - -
great, shorter sequence touching upon everything necessary to feel like i had a solid workout at the end of a work week. thank you!
June S. - -
Overall, I really enjoyed this detox. It was exactly I need in the middle of the work day to help move around a bit and quiet my back scoliosis discomforts. However, I agree with the comment below. It was a distracting to hear the frequent commentary - I found I most resonated with the instructor when he said things like "just try it" not "you should be able to do this by now"
marissa - -
I really liked the sequence, level, pacing, and thorough instruction. I did not love the frequent commentary about this being an "advanced class," and the theme that a student doing this video "should be able to do this/ should know this by now." I personally am more motivated by the positive instructors who encourage trying out something new and the value in observation. This is definitely a challenging class but I think it is valuable and possible for students at a variety of levels!
Loved this
Ashley O. - -
Great class, did this after work, feeling so much more grounded and focused now! thanks!!!
Good intro to level 3 classes
Heather S. - -
This wasn't my first level 3 class, but it would have given me a perfect sense of what "level 3" means when I was just starting to feel out the level.
beautiful class
Huda M. - -
I worked hard in this class but none of the asanas were impossible. The ab work was not boring at all.
Amanda W. - -
Really challenging and enjoyable class:) I have done your other classes and found them great also. I am now a fan of your classes and will try and do them regularly:) Fantastic instruction and get on with it attitude Vytas! Namaste
Level 3 Newbie
Anna S. - -
Thank you for the clear and thorough instruction! I definitely need to work on my arm balancing. Any tips for strengthening wrists to make it more comfortable?
Best Class ever
Kristina S. - -
What a great class!!! Thank you
Carlos B. - -
Finished the class with more energy than I had at the beginning. Thank you!
Regina C. - -
Thank you! This is quickly becoming one of my favorites.