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nice, quick cardio and strengthening
Bridget Truxillo - -
another excellent practice with Vytas
well spent 30'
Spyros Kontostanos - -
an hour please! :) :) :)
Amy Garis - -
I do this class so regularly at least once a week. One of my faves. I would LOVE an hour cardio one too!
Taz Burmeister - -
I agree with the last comment i would loooove this in an hour your work Vytas
Layna Cartwright - -
Love this workout! Would love an even longer cardio one for maybe an hour😊🙏. Pretty please Vytas!!!!
Great Quicky!
Angie Murrane - -
When you want it quick because you're short on time, this is still challenging and will make you sweat. A very full work out for 30 minutes!
Emilee Dupre - -
So happy about this flow - super challenging and mindful. I've found that I can get into my habitual flow and become lightly complacent...this sequence is refreshing, challenging, and calm all at once. If you can make it here you'll make it anywhere. ;)
full body shred.
Bink Ink - -
for the past 2 years i have done this workout 3x a week in the mornings. it's like an oil change for my joints, a conditioning for my breath and strength, and a moving meditation for my mind. i have it almost memorized and only wish there was a downloadable version so that when i am traveling to places with no wi fi, i still have "my workout" at hand. thank you Vytas.
full body shred.
Bink Ink - -
for the past 2 years i have done this workout 3x a week in the mornings. it's like an oil change for my joints, a conditioning for my breath and strength, and a moving meditation for my mind. i have it almost memorized and only wish there was a downloadable version so that when i am traveling to places with no wi fi, i still have "my workout" at hand. thank you Vytas.
randi holland - -
Butt officially kicked.. and awesome!
Feeling Strong!
randi holland - -
This class never disappoints.. rocks it every time and leaves me feeling strong and confident! Thanks Vytas!
athena kwey - -
This class is the Platonic ideal of hard, full body yoga. Vytas does a great job correcting your body throughout. Try combining this session with "Core Burn."
ronny kwetny - -
love vytas and his classes!!!
Judit Makk-Hatzirakleous - -
You kicked my but, but i love my but kicked! :-)
Olya Bek - -
calming and energizing!
Jessica Higham McConnan - -
Quick and the perfect combo of strength and cardio!
Think Thank Thunk!
Kimberly McCoy - -
Got Vigor! This is a steady and .don't be overwhelmed by the level as a "3" because Vytas's cues, as always invites you in to your level...and you don't think of anything else like problems, work stuff,, or the boogie monster during class because the movement is freeing and keeps you automatically in the moment. Great class man! Dig it as a <3.
Invigorating :-)
Lisa Bennett - -
Love, love this pace and a great sweat...great way to start the day!
Amanda Mock - -
This is an awesome class that makes you feel like you "did something" beyond the typical practice. I turned to yoga after a foot injury and truly appreciate the ability to sweat and get my heart rate up without impact. Please do more at this level and some even a little more challenging! Thank you!!!
Valentina Estupiñan - -
Una excelente clase, un muy buen trabajo de cardio
Great Workout!!
Sierra Jackson - -
Great cardio workout! This is a wonderful sequence anytime during the day!!
For when you don't have much time!
Nayrobi Rodriguez - -
Great short class if you need to feel invigorated. Thank you Vytas!
Tomorrow's gonna hurt!
Ricardo Kuma - -
Thought I could jump right back into practice and start here. In 20 mins I died but in a good way. Will try again; thanks man!
Cat York - -
I did not even make it 15 minutes before I had to pull back and rest. But everything was so smart and aligned. A very vigorous and safe practice!
Best quickie ever!
Barbara Spitzer - -
If I am short on time, this is the class. I only wish Vitas didn't call the women who are modeling the poses "girls".
JJ Smith - -
This is my favorite morning sequence. It hits every part of your body in just half an hour. Thank you Vytas.
Loved this class
Mariana Ginsburg - -
This class made me feel energized. Loved the burpees yoga style Lol.
Jessica Raymer - -
I completed 13 mins of this practice before I had to stop because my heart rate was way to high. This is a practice I will have to keep trying so. Got my sweat on in those 13 min... I WILL BE BACK!!!
Catherine Jordan - -
I was thankful that my internet buffered halfway through! Great strength sequence -- thank you!
Let's Get Moving!!
Michelle Gantos - -
I would love to see more cardio classes like this on the myyogaworks website. They are truly energizing and empowering. There is no equal match! Thank you Vytas!!
Kristen Kronland - -
Wonderful, power packed class. Definitely a challenge but totally worth it. Thank you!
Debra Scacco - -
This is by a mile the best 30 minute class I've ever done - at home or in a studio. Vitas' classes are incredible and this is the best one so far. Will certainly make this a regular part of my practice.
excellent super quick sweat-fest!
Shelley Wishart - -
This one definitely woke me up!!
Amazing what 30 minutes can do!
Amy Levy - -
So often I think I won't have time to squeeze in a workout and I will just have to accept sluggish energy for the day, then I throw this class down and it changes EVERYTHING. I'm full of life again and feel like I was challenged. Please make more!
Ashley Wilson - -
This was a great work out! This was a perfect workout to get me sweating. It would be great to have more classes like this on here!
Holy arms Batman!
rebecca weiner - -
I could only get through 20 minutes this time, after doing a 90 minute yesterday with tons of chatarunga's.....That said, I am sweating more in these 20 than I did yesterday- deff great for cardio, which I need obviously. Will add to cardio playlist- thanks for the hard flow! Always good to be challenged.
Montanya Pierre - -
Great practice!!!!!
Androulla Hadjikyriacou - -
this was great practice! just did this because i wanted a quick workout before work and this got me sweating! good build up of heat and strength and i like the incorporation of flow! thanks vytas!
Richelle Camara - -
Really good, however all the videos were choppy, not sure why
Melissa Buyer - -
one of my favorite teachers for his unique ability to inspire you to push beyond what you thought was your limit! Love everything you post! Thank you for your guidance!
Balanced Bodywork
Sara Courter - -
It astonishes me how Vytas can craft such a wonderfully athletic sequence that is so anchored in mindful steadiness. Truly a great practice. You're the man, Vytas! Namaste.
natalie mcadams - -
I have done this sequence twice once both times when traveling and love it. Agreed - please do a few more of these.
Nichole Girard - -
What a great addition to the collection! Please do a few more of these. Great workout as well as clearing the mind.
Emily Zempel Roberts - -
Great for baby's naptime! I feel like I got a real sequence in just 30 minutes. Thanks!
Joanna Briese - -
Suddenly I was dripping with sweat! Rigorous poses and sequences address lower body, core and arms, but nothing lasts too long. I feel great! Thanks.
channah levy - -
I love the fast pace!
Deborah Attewell - -
This completely cleared my mind AND made me sweat. Love it, thank you!!
Sabine Geiger - -
This class is so different and so amazing. Thanks!!!
celia cayetano - -
not easy.. have to work on
Ana Paula Pieck - -
Do you think this class can help for weight loss?
Ana Paula Pieck - -
Quickie but really sweaty class! I really enjoyed it! Thanks
Dorothy Weiss - -
Spectacularly effective - nice class!! Thank you!
emphasis on ....builds tons of heat!
Jessica Niblett - -
Great 30 minute class with just the right balance of strength and fast paced cardio! Thanks!
Leigh Tost - -
This is outstanding--thanks so much!
Melissa Buyer - -
Wow! What a workout! Vytas you rock!
Sophia Giebultowicz - -
So perfect for that thirty minutes before work! I feel like a badass now :)
Great class
Christa Miller - -
It made me sweat! Thank you.
Amazing / sweaty class!!!
Erin Real - -
Amazing class - soooo hard!! But in a wonderful way. :0)