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Overall good, but rushed
Brian S. - -
I really like the flow and stretches, but I found that the pace, especially in the first 10 minutes or so is just too fast. I could hardly get a single breath in, and the pose was already starting to change. Probably should be a 35min class for this flow.
additional props
Nora F. - -
you want a strap for the first pose in addition to the recommended block!
Sarah F. - -
Some really nice postures and holds!
Just what my shoulders needed
Sarah S. - -
Great deep shoulder stretch and opening, excellent instruction.
Alessandra B. - -
Perfect for what I wanted today. Thank you! Love your instruction and will seek you out moving forward!
Mandy P. - -
Less of a flow, but great poses to target the upper back and shoulders. They feel amazing after this class.
Great for beginners!
Sunanda V. - -
Loved this class! It wasn't too long or too complicated. Had solid instruction and gave people easier options if needed. Appreciated how easy to follow it was.
Nice practice
Kristi D. - -
I too had a problem hearing very well. She seems a little nervous at first, speaking quickly and softly. The pace was a little too quick. But it is still a nice practice!
Christina O. - -
Great quick session. Some of those twists had me stretching parts I didn’t even realize needed stretching. Maria’s voice was soothing and personally I didn’t have any hearing problems. Thanks Maria!
Barb W. - -
My neck and shoulders are usually so tight that I lose range of motion. This class is awesome. I feel so much better. I would love more classes from this instructor. I did not have any issues with the sound, assuming this was fixed. Thank you!
Kara R. - -
would have enjoyed it more if I could hear it better
Audio is too low fix
Lauren G. - -
Hard to hear this teacher. Bump the audio up and repost please
Great stretch
Ida P. - -
This was a great and short class for the back and shoulders. I really enjoyed the flow and would love more classes by this calm and good instructor.
nice shoulder openers
Dina F. - -
I enjoyed this quick practice that did a great job stretching my upper back and shoulders. The instructor offered nice options and a strap is useful. I'll be repeating this one!
Liked it a lot!
Laura W. - -
Great juicy stretching and strength-building for upper back an shoulders. However, it requires a strap, not a block. I look forward to more classes with this instructor!
Nadine H. - -
i found it boring and hard to hear
Mary D. - -
I had trouble hearing as well. I think this instructor could enunciate a little better and slow her sentences down a bit. Otherwise, a very good sequence.
Sanju D. - -
Was a good short stretch for shoulder and upper back, but the volume quality was very poor. The volume in many of the videos of yogaworks are not very good. This makes it hard to hear the instructions as you do the postures.
Heather S. - -
Had the same problem when I first started Yogaworks. Get external speakers for your computer, and it's not an issue.
Antonette K. - -
Did anyone have a problem with the volume level?
Jamie B. - -
I did not have any trouble with the sound.