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No flirting please!
Claire C. - -
I like this practice until he starts flirting with the model by negging her "short" arms! I wish male instructors wouldn't be creepy toward the female models.
I loved it!
Shanda C. - -
This class was perfect after 50 minutes of cardio. Still kept me moving, but with a great pace and cool down. I really appreciate the cues for alignment. Several were new to me and made me aware of some bad habits.
Only Okay
Mandy P. - -
This class was painfully slow for the first ~20+ minutes, not creative and too many queues for a Level 2 class. I did get my sweat on, but surprised this was a most favorited class (how I found it).
Not my favorite
Julie T. - -
It was a good workout for a 30 minute class, but it wasn't very fun – a little too boring and slow for me. I also prefer a little more stretch even in short flows.
Varied pacing compliments a well-rounded class
Harriet K. - -
I really enjoyed this class! I've had some unevenness in my pelvis postpartum and I found his alignment cues very helpful. I also appreciated that there were moments of increased pace and less exposition to build heat. It was a very well rounded and energizing class.
Great class
Caroline S. - -
I really enjoyed the flow of the class. I thought it was a nice balance of flow with holding a few poses to get that extra stretch in. After a long day of work, this was the perfect way to end my day.
Cheryl R. - -
The cuing and alignment really helped me get deep into my hip stretches. Great class overall.
A New Fave
M. W. - -
Well rounded sequence & love the queues and Tim’s calm voice. Thanks :)
Good workout
Betty K. - -
A good out! Will definitely come back.
First class with MyYoga Works
Jacqui T. - -
Nice practice, good cues. Found his sniffing off putting tho.
Katie K. - -
I wanted to just flow but this has way to much instruction.
Great class!
Susie B. - -
Really excellent cuing and alignment suggestions. Made me really pay attention to my positions.
Great class!
Dina F. - -
Strong practice with great guidance. Think this could be a daily flow!
Sherie K. - -
This helped my strength AND my cardio. I do yoga for back injury and it’s helped me function.
Nice class
Akinyi M. - -
Intense and good.
New Favorite!
Ellen B. - -
Thank you for a wonderful class. I was tired and tight when I started this class and now feel open and rejuvenated. Excellent cues, too!
Ann M. - -
I liked this one but not sure about love this one. It is a slow flow so many holds which made me tremble...there it is like not love. That is probably a good que that I need to do this one more often. Well rounded flow, great instruction, great voice to follow.
Joan H. - -
Exactly want I needed
Loved it!
Anne O. - -
Great way to end my work day. Challenging, great instruction....just what I needed! Thank you!
Leslie A. - -
My favorite class so far!! Good workout and easy to follow.
Michelle S. - -
Moves go pretty swiftly, lots of strength involved.
Great instructor
jennifer w. - -
Thank you! This really got my blood pumping!!
Rising Flow
Danay G. - -
Beautiful asana to rise up to!
Great instruction!
Nicole L. - -
Amazing what can happen in 30 minutes! Thank you for a well balanced class with really helpful instruction.
Love the attention to alignment
Shelley W. - -
This is a perfect well rounded way to start the day.
Love this!
Stephanie M. - -
This was a great 30 minute flow that included it all. What a great teacher!!
Short, well-rounded flow
Lindsay B. - -
This is perfect for a 30-minute flow.
Well balanced
Lyndsey H. - -
A bit of everything, great pace. Enjoyed it and will do again.
Perfect Flow
Judith E. - -
Really loved this workout. Perfect after a long days work!
Caryn T. - -
Great focus on hips and proper alignment!
Wonderful strong flow
Marian E. - -
Really enjoyed this short yoga session. Nice heat and flow!
Jennifer L. - -
Great friendly instruction. Love this teacher's warmth and instruction...perfect motivation to get on my mat!
Julia C. - -
Moved at a much slower pace overall than what I was expecting for a flow class but wow was this a challenge! It's challenging in a good way and Tim guides you through it smoothly.
Nice flow
Kate T. - -
This is mhy first practice with Tim and I really liked it. Nothing like a nice basic flow class! I especially liked some of the longer holds and the instruction was super! Thank you Tim. I'll be back for more.
Roze H. - -
challenging, but well-paced
Jacqueline W. - -
Quick and on point. Great instruction, couldn't of asked for a better practice.