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Super energizing and great for hamstrings!
easy and energizing
Hugh P. - -
I did not find this class as challenging as some of the comments below. But it was quite energizing and more creative :) definitely a feel good class when you don't have the energy or time
Nice well rounded
Alex S. - -
This is a nice well-rounded class. I really appreciated the no-nonsense instructions too. Maybe a little more straight ahead stretching than I am used to but I liked it! Thank you
Elizabeth C. - -
This is a very nice truly intermediate flow. Did late in the afternoon after telecommuting all day (on a day with a 3o min early morning jog). Nice to have a class this length - not too much time commitment but enough to have enormous benefits. Feel very stretched out and relaxed now headed into my evening. Beneficial during this time of uncertainty in world.
Nice, easy, morning flow
Catherine J. - -
No need for the strap though
Great flow!
Kathryn F. - -
This sequence was perfect for the morning. It energized me without being too intense. I look forward to checking out more of her classes.
Diane V. - -
Great class!
Just what was needed!
randi h. - -
after a long flight.. this opened up my body and stretched me out.. in no time!
Really awesome class
Tiffany C. - -
Thank you!! Namaste
Great flow
Dina F. - -
Challenging enough but accessible through modifications - felt great by the close. Thanks!
Reema A. - -
It‘s one of those classes where you get to Shavasna when u never waited for it. Laura is one of my ultimate favorite teachers, clear instrucion, perfect pace. One of the best classes on YW.
Really nice!
Yvette C. - -
Thank you for your dedication. This is a very nice & well-rounded session! Merry Holidays!
Great Balance
Joanne M. - -
Truly a well balanced 30 minute practice with great instruction.
Kaley T. - -
Wonderful set! I feel absolutely amazing, thank you Laura!
More classes with Laura
pamela s. - -
I love this class!
loved the pacing!
Sonia G. - -
...and no sun salutations perfect!
Great Class
Jill T. - -
I did this class outside on my deck. Great flow and great instruction.
Jami W. - -
I love this class, it touches every area just enough on those days when you want a well-rounded practice and only have 30-minutes.
Change of pace
jennifer w. - -
I am so bored with sun salutations. This class is a breath of fresh air! Nice stretch with a little edge. Thank you!!
Alexeyeva S. - -
Great class! Thank you so much :)
Nice class
STacey D. - -
This is a nice class, but there are a lot of poses on knees; so I would also recommend having a blanket handy for those who may need that extra support.
Well Balanced
Svetlana A. - -
It`s truly well balanced practice. Besides it targeted the most stiffed area in my body (the hips, front/back thighs, and the upper back), with cooling down and savanna time it felt completed. Thank you!
Great quick flow
Jessica H. - -
Love this sequence! I recently injured one of my wrists and this class is especially great because it doesn't put a ton of pressure on it. Never without the injury it is a fantastic class!
Great way to spend 30 minutes
Kristi F. - -
I chose this class because I thought it was a level 1. There were a few things I modified for my body but it really worked for me. Nice timing and clear instruction.
Louise G. - -
This was a perfect 30 min class for my body and mind. Thank you! Namaste!
Alana S. - -
Wonderful flow, stretch and relaxation. Thank you!
Truly well-rounded
Roze H. - -
It's amazing what gets done in 30 minutes in this lovely, well-paced flow.
Wonderful Flow!
Arwa A. - -
Did this early morning and it was perfect :)
Solid 30 minutes
Marian E. - -
Excellent flow - good mix of poses, twists and great instructions! Thanks!
Just what my tired body need it :)
Excellent !!!!! Thank you.
A beautiful flow
Kristi D. - -
What a wonderful video! I really enjoyed this one. Thank you.
Colette B. - -
Wish we had even more Laura videos!
Louise G. - -
Perfect way to start my day. I loved this sequence ??
Solid practice
Erica T. - -
This had a great flow, with just the right amount of twists and good poses to stretch your legs. I would recommend that people with sensitive knees keep some sort of padding/cushion nearby.
Loved it!
Linda C. - -
Excellent short practice from another great YogaWorks Instructor! Thank you!!
Just Right!
Kathleen S. - -
Everything you need in 30 minutes!
Great start to my day
Elisa F. - -
Wonderful short practice, thank you. I was feeling achy and tight (in body and mind) this morning, and this was just what I needed.
Love this class!
Brogan M. - -
My favourite 30 minute class for when you want a bit of everything, but don't want to feel rushed.
Flowing like a dance
Svetlana A. - -
Loved instructions and pace of the smoothly continuous yoga class. In short period could stretch the all areas of my body after prolonged seating feeling upliftings.
ashley t. - -
It has such a nice flow. All of the instruction is clear and in time with the movements so you/your body always knows where to go. It's well rounded in movement breath, and, in getting into all areas of the body. Short, sweet, and does a body good!
Short and sweet
Stephanie S. - -
perfect when you are pressed for time. Lots of backbends and hip openers, lovely flow.
Lara P. - -
Love this sequence! One of my favorites for 30 minutes of practice
Packs a lot in 30 min
Julia C. - -
Great moving practice. Worked up a sweat and feel invigorated.
Good morning!
Sandra J. - -
Wow, openers/stretches for hips, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, heart plus a little sweat and a few standing and seated twists - all in 30 minutes, and all without feeling rushed. Very nice!