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Quick Shoulder Opener
Maria M. - -
Great reminders for mechanics and positioning. My shoulders are more open than when I started the class. It is a bit tough on the knees, but when I put a yoga blanket under me it helped a great deal.
Little less
Megan B. - -
I would have liked this sequence more had it not been so much on the knees. My knees were hurting badly after first stretch. If your knees are bad do not do this flow. 17 minutes was too long for me to be on mine. Not bad stretches for shoulders though.
Good to do at work
Rebecca C. - -
I do this standing in my office (the floor is a bit icky). Great for the lunch break after a hard swim!
Feels like I have a new pair of shoulders
Julia C. - -
Really targets the shoulder blades. It feels like the range of motion in my shoulders doubled. My neck feels a little tight, however, and I agree with the comment it was hard on my knees. I tried to do part of the class cross-legged and found it not as effective. If you need to take a break, make sure you know how to get out of the bent knee pose safely before watching. (She shows you at the end.)
Sherri C. - -
Lainie, I love being able to watch you from home! Fantastic class with such great instruction.
Thank you Lainie!
Michele S. - -
Great to fit in anytime to open up my tight shoulders and upper back. I plan to do this daily. Thank you!
Marilyn S. - -
A good sequence to practice on my own!
Amy M. - -
This was hard on my knees
Feels so Good!
Melissa W. - -
I woke up feeling very stiff this morning. This was a wonderful shoulder stretching sequence. I love the slow pace that allowed deepening access to my muscles.
Lindsey W. - -
I am in my third trimester of my pregnancy and yoga instructor myself, but was put on activity restriction until recently, which led to my once open shoulders being so tight! Thank you Lainie for helping me release the tension in my neck and shoulders, opening them up and for offering such wonderful modifications and giving me my own tools to do this simple but effective sequence every day!
Oh the shoulders!
Pauline M. - -
Wonderful way to wake up my shoulders, gentle clear instructions and I love the modifications. Thank you so much!!!!
Short and sweet.
Eleni H. - -
I am challenging myself to strengthen my shoulder girdle while working through an old collarbone injury. This short sequence was very therapeutic and easy to follow. Thank you!
Annie P. - -
What a difference in such a short amount of time! Great for releasing tension in shoulders and neck!!