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Anna A. - -
omg love u Laura
Was this a race?
Deborah E. - -
I took a class with Laura before and had the same reaction. I don't know why I tried another. This felt more like racing than yoga. When you move your body slowly it makes more demands on the musculature rather than using momentum. Her cues were also unable to keep up. When she said vinyasa I couldn't get into plank before she was saying updog. If I sat and watched instead of doing it myself or if I took a lot of classes with her and knew where she was going all the time maybe I could have anticipated the cues. I never felt I had time to adjust alignment except for the few longer poses.
Ericka N. - -
It would be wonderful to have more videos from Laura!
Good flow
Anne G. - -
This was perfect for a short flow class. Thank you.
nice flow
Jordan P. - -
This class is a perfect, quick flow. You start by building heat and then get into some really nice, opening poses while not compromising the flow. I will come back to this.
So close to 100%, however...
Laura M. - -
I do like this class and I've liked other classes by this teacher. The one thing that gets me every single time with her (and it REALLY gets me) is the sing-songy cadence. It's painful! No need to inflect, when the regular voice is so great! It comes off as patronizing and unauthentic. There are times when she's just talking and I LOVE it and then BAM, back to the weird inflections. It's super distracting and makes me think twice before choosing a class from this teacher. It's possible she could be my favorite teacher otherwise.
Just what I needed this am
Adam M. - -
Was looking for a relatively quick, flowy sequence that would get the heart going but not be too hard on the body. It was fast, but that's how she packs in a pretty full flow in sub 40 mins. I will come back to this.
Caitlin L. - -
I don't find this one very challenging, and is rather slow paced. But she has a nice rhythm if that's what you're looking for. Some good poses for flexibility.
Sofia S. - -
I'm glad for so many great reviews, but i really didn´it like it very much. Was too fast and not many cues, felt like she was just reading a sequence without saying much about proper alignment. They also forgot to mention you need a strap at end of class. Not doing it again.Sorry.
Loved it
Tina L. - -
After dozens of practices here, this is by far the best. Laura connects many amazing poses so smoothly and seaimlessly, I feel so relaxed and stretchy. Great class! Highly recommend
Loved it!
Francisca R. - -
Well rounded, nicely paced and clearly cued. Perfect to start the day
love laura's classes
Bridget T. - -
laura's classes are great for when you want to focus on flow and moving and breathing instead of the endless amount of cues and adjustments through each pose
No time for breathing
OLGA H. - -
Great Flow, very well balanced but too fast to catch a whole breath. The voice tone gets too monotonous.
Too Fast for those going from 1 to 2 level
Jordan P. - -
I felt I was ready to jump to level 2 classes. But this class goes too quickly to be enjoyable.
Sasha H. - -
This class totally lives up to its title. perfect class with the right amount of flow and stretch!
amy s. - -
Excellent - quick (like I needed), but completely thorough. Thank you!
Thank you!!
amanda l. - -
A wonderful, fabulous flowing class that energized me. Namaste. <3
Excellent quick vinyasa class
Lindsay B. - -
This one moves really quickly, a very well-rounded flow. If you like a lot of chair poses worked into your flow (or feel like you need it!) this class is a good choice. Although it's fast, there a decent amount of stretching fit in that leaves you feeling relaxed at the end.
Sheila T. - -
Great as usual !l
Great quick class
Marian E. - -
Short and fast paced, loved the stretching at the end!
Amazing, quick class
Maria A. - -
Loved this class.... short and fast paced but very well glanced. Thank you!
Good, quick class
Kristi D. - -
This class is much more strenuous than her 30 min flow, but it moves quickly, and you feel like you are getting a bit more of a workout. I really enjoy her style. More please!
Fast Paced & Perfect
Leigh R. - -
Can't say enough good things about this class! I was looking for something quick but still challenging and energizing, and this was perfect. Great instruction -- her calm voice and great cues keep it from feeling rushed. Look forward to more of Laura's classes.
Quick and yummy
Angela L. - -
Great forty minute flow. Fast paced and very well balanced.
Where's the breathing?
julie w. - -
This was a very fast class and was more calisthenics than yoga.
Ellen B. - -
Loved this short class! A great way to get the body both warm and centered. Thank you.
Julia C. - -
Laura's classes never disappoint! You move through most of the poses quickly to hold a few for an extended period of time. I love that Laura demonstrates the poses herself -- makes me feel like she's really engaged with the students. This class flies by. Felt like a 20 minute class to me. Good mix of twists and heat-generating flow.
candy i. - -
Loved it! Great flow!
Shantelle R. - -
Love the fast pace. Her instructions are clear and calm. This practice worked my mind and body.
natalie d. - -
Exceptional! Follow you on Grokker and have done the classes with Jason Crandell for years and I just did the one with you , so welcome to My yogaworks!!
carole r. - -
Perfect...perfect for when you want a flow class that will energize you without exhausting you.....
Colette B. - -
Fast-paced, but worth it!