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Kayla R. - -
This class is very well rounded and perfect for someone looking for a challenging flow at a relaxing pace. The perfect balance of effort and ease, leaving you feeling bendy and zen. Thank you, David!!
A relaxing class, not a hard class
Cheryl R. - -
I wouldn't call this a level 3 class and it was more of a workout for the mind than for the soul. That being said, I really needed something calming that made me feel whole and this definitely did that. If you're looking for a strong class, look elsewhere.
David Kin - an excellent teacher!!!!!
Ayala H. - -
Thank you so much
Great well-rounded class!!
Liz L. - -
Loved this class... I had a limited window to practice, and found this really well-rounded. David's thoughtful sequence prepped my body for the challenging poses and helped me feel the nuances with awesome instruction!!!
Love this class!
Fernanda D. - -
Amazing class...complete, nice pace and with all basic asanas required to have a complete practice. Love it. Thanks David!
MARIS B. - -
David's cool but I wouldn't call this one Level 3. Quite slow and the challenging poses themselves are fairly simple (ie. headstand).
Just what I needed!
Bernadette P. - -
Thank you, David! With the rain pouring this week, this well balanced heated class is exactly what I needed! Miss these clear and simple instructions! Namaste 🙏🏽
Molly B. - -
Challenging yet relaxing twists
Jen M. - -
I love this class! Very precise instructions and good flow without rushing. Adequate time is given for settling into your poses with proper alignment.This class is level 3 not because it is fast-paced, but more for the challenging and twisty balancing poses.
June S. - -
For me, David's instructions were well-paced-- I felt there was ample time to relax into a pose but he also kept a good flow. I also appreciate that he points out little things you may have forgotten (or never heard) to improve your pose. I'm looking forward to trying his other classes.
i love this class
Dominique R. - -
perfectly titled class - 45 minutes of yummy twists, challenging poses, perfectly sequenced - thank you!
Best Instructions
Svetlana A. - -
I probably will never stop to be amazed at how good you`re as a yoga teacher, David! Although, I needed to skip the part with inversions (due to my shoulder-griddle injury), I enjoyed practicing this sequence. Thanks you!
intelligently paced and challenging
Clancy C. - -
I love the sequencing in this class. The way David builds the poses inspires confidence. Some good challenging poses in here, compassionately guided - I feel opened up and a new awareness of my body after this class. Thank you David!
Patrizia M. - -
This class is truly perfect. I love twists and here they unfold in perfect order. David's guidance is always well paced and specific so one can follow it with complete confidence and although this is a level 3 class by the time you get to the more challenging poses you are warmed up, centered and ready. Thanks!
A good one!
Ashley T. - -
This class is all twisty invigorating goodness! I love the way David's classes are always precise and challenging but also relaxed. Thank you David - just what I needed!
david's class is scientific
gyumi g. - -
it keeps balance and your skin looks healthy and you have good sense of humor. Don't get caught a cold! (∩ᵒ̴̶̷̤⌔ᵒ̴̶̷̤∩) How do you keep your health and advise how to maintain the joints so healthy. xoxo ( ˃̶ᢃ˂̶ )( ¯ᢃ¯ )( ˃ᢃ˂ ) i love you gyumi
Great Class
Alexa O. - -
David is such a wonderful instructor. Love this class! Challenging and twisty.. :)
Carrie L. - -
David's class are my favorite. He gives good clear instruction, time to get yourself in proper position, and building blocks to progress in your practice. He is amazing! Love this new clas..