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Feri Weller - -
Really enjoyed this class. Thank you!
I Wish All Intermediate Classes Were Like This One!
Amie McIntire - -
Perfect cueing and a swift pace, that is exactly what I love. I feel like so many of the intermediate classes on have just way to much explaining about proper form that I lose momentum. Thank you so much!
Perfect start to the day!
randi holland - -
so well rounded and loved the pace... woke me right up!
Fast and Fullfilling
Nadia Salazar - -
Enjoyed this class even though it was a bit fast for me (couldn’t really match my breath properly) I still enjoyed it very much. I feel wonderful as I’m typing this right afterwards!
Fun sequence - beware of lower back issues
Carol Ann - -
Fast-paced, fun, and creative sequence that gets you moving in all directions. However, there are a LOT of back bends and a couple of binds. If you have lower back issues, choose another class or stick with the modifications.
perfect sequence!
Sasha Hernandez - -
wonderful class! nice grounding in the beginning followed by a great energetic flow and ended nicely with some much needed stretching. I didn't think it was so fast (but probably better labeled as intermediate/advanced)
Samantha Steffin - -
AMAZING CLASS! I agree it was quite fast paced but it really helped me to get into the flow and feel energized after. Love the teacher! I will look for more of her classes <3
Daniel Stuscavage - -
I have been doing yoga for 6 years, and this is the worst class I have taken, in person or online.
Great stress reliever
Julia Parker - -
When I started this class I was feeling super anxious. It quickly helped me calm down and get centered on my breathing. The movements were quick enough that I had to get out of my head to stay with the flow. I’ve loved every one of Laura’s classes that I’ve done on this site and this class was no different.
Virginia Martinsen - -
(I played the Amelie soundtrack to it today :-)
Jennifer Oredson - -
Too Fast agreed
Debra Kern - -
I would have loved to do all of the poses but it was way too fast for me... I will keep trying. I may watch a few times without doing the poses
too fast
Aysegul Ergin - -
I would says this is for pretty experienced students who can flow through pretty fast. Otherwise follow the modified versions if you don't want to injure yourself.
Loved it!
Kaley Tolan - -
Great balance of different postures and the pace was perfect!
Yes yes yes!
Danielle Buchma - -
This class will challenge you while simultaneously releasing stress from your body. Some have commented that the pace is a little fast, but I love the pace as it reminds me of many of the studio classes I've taken in NYC. Wonderfully well-rounded!
enjoyed it
Monika Kroll - -
Need to get used to her instructions but this class is great. good directions and straight to the point. i like fast pace, wish i was more flexible in the hips to do all the poses like she does them...maybe one day :)
Just lovely!
Leigh Riebold - -
I LOVE this class! If you are looking for a fast-paced flow that is a little different from the norm, then this is the class for you. It had such a beautiful flow to it, and my body felt wonderful at the end. I can't wait to do it again!
Wonderful flow!
Jayne Ireland - -
My first class with Laura and the first of many! Challenging but stress-releasing...loved the transitions, loved that she packs so much into so little time without feeling rushed - will definintely be checking out more of her classes!
Great workout
Richard Campbell - -
I love but Litter toooo fast
Ended so soon!
Claire Saccardi - -
Love the pacing of this class. I felt like it flew by and that it was easy to get about 45 min of yoga into my day. The only concern I had was the forward folds were so short! (I have tight hamstrings today so that was sad for me.) Otherwise a great way to get a quick flow into your day.
Maria Menendez-Price - -
This class was great, however transitions were a little fast.
Great workout, but...
Michelle Sanchez - -
Poses were great and I did get a nice sweat. Transitions were kind of too fast and I would fumble (bird of paradise went fast). Also instructor kept on blocking the modified version--what I needed. Good session when you're familiar with poses.
Deirdre Smith - -
just what I was looking for - full body poses, quick pace
Bridget Truxillo - -
great quick paced flow and full body poses
beautiful flow!
Melissa Buyer - -
love the creativity and beauty in this flow! Perfect way tot start the day, feeling strong and refreshed! Thank you!
Sharon Skok - -
loved this class - under an hour (I had limited time today) but complete and very interesting sequencing. Added it to my favorites.
Brenda Lewis - -
Loved it! More like this please with the same duration.
Brenda Lewis - -
Loved it! More like this please with the same duration.
L.D. - -
Love the balance of ease and effort. Exactly what I needed today. Will be adding to my playlist. Thank you!
Sheila Traum - -
I really love your instruction... It's very easy to deepen the pose accurately and very much appreciated!
Great instruction, creative sequencing
Kristi Donovan - -
I love how Laura puts the flow together. The classes move quickly but I don't feel rushed. Hope to see more classes from Laua soon!
Perfect balance
Sara Bock - -
Went by so quickly as it was a fun sequence. All my fave poses like bird of paradise - options for all levels. One of the best ones I have taken, I feel great!
Well Paced
Kathleen Solorio - -
great overall class with perfect timing of the queues to breath. Straight forward instruction that was clear without unnecessary commentary.
Another Lovely One from Laura
Colette Becker - -
Laura's classes are always such a perfect combination of a workout with graceful moves. I feel so good after her classes.
Truly well-rounded
Roze Hentschell - -
This was challenging in all the right ways and truly hit on all areas. I built heat, but never felt rushed. Laura's delivery is straight-forward and efficient. Brava!
Christine Sackmann - -
Laura, I loved your classes already in the studio - and I am so happy that you also teach now online! This class is a wonderful well rounded flow, that actives and de-stresses at the same time. Very clear and focused instructions. Perfectly sequenced. Hope to see a lot more of your classes online!!!
Ronen Oren - -
Great for men as well. Lots of variation options for these flexy things that men sometimes struggle with. Plus Laura is very clear. More Laura classes please!!!
Avalon Lopez - -
really beautiful variety. i feel loose in almost every area that tends to tense up on me throughout the day. loved it.
Wring out & work up
Julia C - -
I have loved all of Laura's balanced classes and this one was just as awesome as the rest. My hips and back feel great after this one. Worked up a sweat. Loved the sequencing of everything. Bravo, Laura! A+
natalie deweese - -
What a wonderful way to de-stress and be invigorated at the same time, lovely go -to afternoon class!
A Great Everyday Go-To
Jennifer Lee - -
Laura's Well Balanced Flow series has become the foundation of my home practice. This class may be my favorite so far. It packs twists, backbends, hip openers, shoulder openers, standing balances, and core work into an efficient and flowing class that feels remarkably complete but never rushed thanks to Laura's calm and precise instructions.