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Day 1
Focus on standing poses to connect to the first chakra, which is represented by the color red and linked to our roots, ancestry and security. Then, check out the Sacral Chakra video. Recommended props: 2 blocks
Day 2
Focus on the hip and pelvis to connect to the second chakra, which is represented by the color orange and linked to emotions, creativity, and sexuality. Then, check out the Manipura Chakra video. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket
Day 3
Focus on your core to connect to the third chakra, which is represented by the color yellow and linked to our self esteem and inner strength. Then, check out the Anahata Chakra video. Recommended props: 1 block
Day 4
Focus on opening the heart to connect to the fourth chakra, which is represented by the color green and linked to the quality and power of love in our life. Then, check out Mia's Vishuddha Chakra video. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 bolster
Day 5
Focus on your throat to connect to the fifth chakra, which is represented by the color blue and linked to communication and how we express our truth. Then, check out Mia's Ajna Chakra video. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 strap
Day 6
Focus on your third eye to connect to the sixth chakra, which is represented by the color indigo and linked to our pituitary gland, intuition, and imagination. Then, check out Mia's Sahasrara Chakra video. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 bolster
Day 7
Focus on the crown of the head to connect to the seventh chakra, which is represented by the color violet or white and linked to our enlightenment and spiritual development. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 bolster

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Great Foundational Class!
Ramona Jervay - -
Your words help me connect deeply with my body. Only my second yoga class after being in a car accident last month. Very helpful in helping me connect and move the stuck energy in my body. I look forward to working my way through your Chakra Series! Also helped me connect to Reiki.
Wonderful class
Tom Benedek - -
Very enriching in so many ways, Thanks, Mia.
Wonderful class
Tom Benedek - -
Very enriching in so many ways, Thanks, Mia.
Loved it!
Bethanie Pitsky - -
Great class, Mia! I've been reading more extensively about the chakras and exploring personally within my own practice. I was so happy to discover your series! Loved what you said about the root chakra being about trusting who you are and the gifts that you come into this world with. Can't wait to work my way through your other chakra classes.
Loved this class!
Casey Kelly - -
Currently going through a transitional phase in my life and this class was just what I needed. Helps you to stay rooted and grounded. Nice flow and love Mia's yoga wisdom that she brings to all of her classes
A great class.
Erin Moline - -
I started my Sunday with the rooted Chakra video. This class was one of the best I have done with my online subscription. I plan to do the whole series this week! I loved it. My legs were shaking for quite a while afterwards but I found the practice sequence to be stabilizing and energizing.
Mariana Ferrari - -
Perfect class for those looking for a more spiritual approach and also some good tips for alignment. We need more classes like this one! Thanks!
A great class for working with intention
Jill Day - -
I really enjoyed this sequence and the wisdom Mia shared throughout the practice. Looking forward to the sacral chakra practice. Thank you!
Once a week...
Jami Woods - -
I enjoy revisiting this class weekly, combining with chakra meditation and other classes. This is simply pleasurable, challenging just enough to encourage being grounded and the Redwood.
LaQuita Harris - -
I thought this series would be slow paced. I'd thought I would utilize my crystals and "om" out of my stress. WRONG! Lol! Let me just advice you ladies NOT to do this while you're on your cycle. I normally don't workout those days for obvious reasons (lethargic, pain, etc) but not exercising those days get me too comfortable w/not working out so I decided to workout straight through. There's a lot of movement. 50 eleven sun salutations, the same amount of chaturangas. Don't get me wrong, this class is good if you're looking for a class that will get you sweating, not so much if you want to take it easy for 53 min. I'll try this series again next week when I get my energy back
Just what I needed
Dominique Rosenberg - -
Super grounding, loved the work with the block - very fun. Thank you.
Agnes Cronin - -
I am searching for a kundalini class
Obrigado Mia!
Andreia Gardner - -
Mia came to my home today-;) I loved the tree pose on the block. Lots of Virabhadrasana II...I felt very grounded afterwards. Thank you Mia.
The First Time!
Laura White - -
Yes, I loved the strength an duration of the poses. And YES, I appreciated the spiritual anchoring. But I really want to share that this is the first time I've really felt my root chakra- I've spent some time on this, and hello! ~I get the fire aspect. I'll do this a few more times before the sacral chakra. <3
Natasha Gopal - -
it was just very awesome... loved the poses ... my legs are burning...
So good!
Vahn Fogarty - -
This was so good, so so good. Exactly what I needed. I really appreciated all the healing words as well as the poses.
Ghislaine Frances - -
Thank you for such a powerful and delicious flow!
Thank You!
Amelia Corbett-Green - -
Big shifts. Navigating the saturn return - coming back to rural American roots, with global perspective. I was trained in the YW method a few years ago, while living in San Francisco. This root-chakra class was exactly the medicine I needed today. Thank you! I look forward to journeying through the other chakras, and returning to these sequences for inspiration in my own teaching. Muchas gracias, hermana!
Jessica Raymer - -
This was my first chakra flow and it was an amazing practice. I challenged more then I thought I'd be. I had let my ego go and give into my breath, it was quite a moving experience. Build lot of strength in my arms as well with all the warrior poses we did. Thank you Mia so much for this practice. I look forward to more =D
Great guidance
Cathy Rooney - -
I like the reminders throughout to stay connected with the experience and not just brute-force my way through the challenging poses. Could use a few more accommodations for working up to the advanced balance poses. Thanks!
Chakra Flow. Repeat. Chakra Flow. Re...
Barbara Spitzer - -
Ive done the Chakra series from beginning to end now about 4 times. I love it so much. Mia, you are such a great instructor and your flow classes leave me feeling so wonderful. I hope youll do some more series!
Yvonne Vigliotta - -
I love it! After my hip replacement,the root chakra and all my muscles need around my hip need strengthening. Really helps. Thank you.
Root Chakra Flow
Alystyre Julian - -
Yummy, rooting, energizing, wise, light
Krystin Sawyer - -
Just what I needed this morning! Ive had a home practice for a long time, but needed the opportunity to follow a predetermined sequence, get a little sweaty, and just feel instead of thinking. Your cues were easy to follow. My body and mind thank you. So much love!
Rebeccah Minazadeh - -
I cried at multiple phases in the stretch sequence. Your teaching carries through so much of my life, and I thank you from a deep place. Blessings and Namaste <3
Thomas Erthel - -
Thank you Mia! Wonderful class for people stuck in their head all day :). I loved coming back to my feet...
Root Chakra Flow
Alaya Sunyata - -
Loved it !! Just what I needed. Looking forward to taking the whole chakra flow
nice with blocks!
anisha badri - -
lovely sweet practise. quite basic yet really good as opportunity to go as deep into the poses as wanted. great teacher!
Root Chakra Flow
Patrizia Milano - -
Very good grounding class. Long holds and plenty of time to breathe in between. I just wish it ended with Savasana. I find the talking at the end and being brought back to sitting so quickly very distracting as I am lying down trying to relax.
Longs holds
Ursula K - -
Lots of leg work as mentioned. Good class for a beginner that is looking to be challenged. Good instruction.