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Day 1
Strengthen your core and improve your overall health and wellbeing in just about as much time as it takes to brush your teeth and make your bed.
Day 2
Cultivate core strength in this sequence that not only builds power in the abdomen, but helps the overall health of your spine.
Day 3 (Repeat)
Strengthen your core and improve your overall health and wellbeing in just about as much time as it takes to brush your teeth and make your bed.
Day 4 (Repeat)
Cultivate core strength in this sequence that not only builds power in the abdomen, but helps the overall health of your spine.
Day 5
Build core awareness and strength and notice an increase in vitality, stamina and overall ease in your body.
Day 1

Challenge your core quickly in this short sequence focused on abdominal strengthening. Explore our entire core yoga journey series.

Day 2
Build up your core strength in this 10 minute sequence that will have you feeling the burn in no time.
Day 3
Strengthen your core in just 10 minutes with this short and challenging practice.
Day 4
This is a quick core sequence that involves all of your core muscles - front and back. Check out another video from our core yoga journey series.
Day 5
Strengthen the front, back and sides of your core in just 20 minutes. Want more core? Check out our yoga for a stronger core journey series. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket
Day 6
This intense sequence focuses on core, core, and more core. Don't worry about the burn - it's just muscle getting stronger!
Day 7
Focus on your deep abdominals to improve your posture and stabilize your lower back in this 30 minute yoga class. Recommended props: 1 blanket
Day 1
Try this core exercise, which is part two of a three video series on how to press up into handstand with a partner. Start with the suitcase and end with alignment, tightness & balance Recommended props: 1 blanket
Day 2
Find new ways to discover and strengthen your core without crunches. Recommended props: 2 blocks
Day 3
Strengthen every nook and cranny of your core in this tough sequence. Just remember the more you do it, the easier it gets! Check out our yoga for a stronger core journey series.
Day 4
This challenging core sequence will strengthen the deep core muscles that support your posture and a healthy back. Explore our entire core yoga journey series.
Day 5
A rigorous sequence that challenges the three main areas of your core. Try another video from our core yoga journey series.
Day 6
Feel the burn with this intense core sequence that works your core in every possible direction.

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Excellant !
David R. - -
Learn few new tips about the integration of the breath with core and back muscles !!! Really enjoyable relaxed teacher, thank you !
Core series
Gerri L. - -
Hello. Just started doing the core series. How long do u recommend doing the beginner before moving to intermediate? Should I just be doing it one a loop for a while?
Kundalini please
Ari H. - -
Second that
Natalia C. - -
Is adding Kundalini yoga on the radar?
paula m. - -
Caravaughn F. - -
This is an amazing re-entry into Yoga! Challenging, but oh so good.
Juliette H. - -
I second the other request for Kundalini classes. That would be a good addition to your service.
Marisol G. - -
Can’t agree more! My first class was a Kundalini class and though I had no idea what I was about to embark on it has forever changed me. PLEASE ADD KUNDLINI CLASSES... THNK YOU!
Marisol G. - -
Sorry, my keyboard letter A doesn’t seem to be functioning properly But I Meant Kundalini and Thank You!
April B. - -
Can you please add some Kundalini classes?
Miriam S. - -
This was a good way for me to re-start doing Yoga!
Loved it!!
Chika J. - -
This was so very relaxing and I loved the feeling it gave me!
Day 1-Love the variation of Plank
Lisa A. - -
This was a great length for core work. I really love the variation of Plank. I still felt my core shaking, so I know it's working!
Core - Journey Series
Amy C. - -
Feeling great about incorporating this short practice into every day! Melanie is a great instructor, I'll definitely look for more of her videos.
So good
Jennifer J. - -
This really hit home, I can really feel it working and its easy enough for me to remember the steps on my own! I don't have to keep a tape recorder in my pocket with the instructions to fallow to do this anywhere.
Great Instructor
Mary A. - -
The instructor really gave great tips along the way. Although it's not a long class, I'm feeling how it impacted my core.
Dina P. - -
@myyogaworks this was great to open my #happynewyou challenge! Loved it!!
First time
Barbara L. - -
I have chronic low back pain with ostespoirosis, degenerative arthritis, 2 repaired compression fractures, and spinal stenosis . My doctor thinks yoga would be beneficial for me. What do you recommend for me? I have arthritis in my knees and hands so kneeling or being down on all 4's is painful.
Quick beginner core
Michelle S. - -
Easy to follow, simple poses.
First-Time Hit
Trish G. - -
My first video and I found myself wishing it was longer! Great instruction on the finer points of poses and positioning. I was surprised I could get so relaxed in only 10 minutes. I also liked the balance between instruction and silence.
Marilyn S. - -
I hate the core work, but probably because I need it. I particularly like how Melanie moved us into the plank from a resting knee position.
Love this
Joan M. - -
I used to do yoga and then had to have a hip replacement. It's been months so to be able to do something and feel like it's working and not hurting me is wonderful!
Beginner Core
Agnes T. - -
I like this workout, but my wrists are killing me during the workout from all the pressure applied. Are they suppose to feel like that? Am I incorrectly placing my hands? I have them under my shoulders. I am over weight could that be the reason?
Beginer Core
Pauline M. - -
Simple but not as easy as it looks for someone who has no strength in their core. Practice, practice, practice. Thanks
Pauline M. - -
So essential. thanks
Great Core
Pauline M. - -
Thank you for this great core work, as a beginner i will be coming back for more of this!
10 Minute beginner's core
Barbara D. - -
Today ends my two week trial and I will joyfully continue. Swallowed my pride and decided to stay with level one for a time. Am able to concentrate on my breathing and concentrate on poses without stressing out with the need to "get it right." Has benefited me already in many ways. Namaste.
Love this
Susan J. - -
I just got back into yoga and I actually look forward to my workouts. Perfect pace, and I know it's working as I can feel my muscles from Sunday's session. In a good way, not so sore that I can't stand it, just enough to feel I accomplished something. Melanie has a soothing tone to her voice, and the explanation s are so thorough, I don't need to stare at my tablet screen to follow. So glad I signed up!
Stephanie C. - -
As a very very beginner (again) - this is just perfect to make me feel like I am doing something RIGHT. Its super encouraging and I will be back for more.
Jessica R. - -
Love this little workout in the morning =D
Jessica R. - -
this little 10 min session made me realize that I've been doing a pose wrong for over a year... Now I'm going to do it right