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I Feel Great!
Jessica Matos - 04/21/2015
This was quick enough to fit into a super busy day, and I feel great. My boyfriend (who is the farthest from flexible) was able to go through this and is noticing improvements as well. Great video!
Easy quick and it works
Leslie Kuster - 11/11/2014
The 18 minutes is just short enough that I easily will do this. Sometimes I hesitate when its 30 minutes. This gets my body feeling great, and I love that I am twisting out stress
Mental Detox
Melissa Teakell - 08/22/2014
I really needed to rid my mind and heart of some negativity, resolved issues but still lingering. This really helped me feel the mental and physical "ick" leaving my body!
Jessie M Fritsche - 08/12/2014
Great practice for early mornings!
Came Back Just in Time
Michelle Stine - 08/11/2014
Great analogies about cleaning out closets as I'm packing to move. Couldn't have come back to this one at a better time.
Amazing way to start
Michelle Stine - 01/08/2014
This is such a great one to start the day with. Looking forward to the rest of the series.